Item:Dysfunctional green gold orlog displaying an intricate mass of gears

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dysfunctional green gold orlog displaying an intricate mass of gears
Look: Molded into many different shapes from octagons to squares to a more traditional round configuration, the gears come in many diverse sizes. Each piece is fitted expertly to the ones neighboring it to create a complex if seemingly pointless mechanism designed to shift at the lightest touch.
Weight: 2 stones
Appraised Cost: 87,500 Kronars
70,000 Lirums
63,140 Dokoras
87.5 LTBpoints
87.5 Tickets
87.5 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This is an atmo item that will periodically emit messaging to the entire room.
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Smaller Side of Life (3), Smaller Side of Life (2)

Standard Verbs

The following are available with the atmospherics both on and off, and do not change between the 2:

  • STUDY: As you study the orlog, you think you could probably clean, punch, turn, pull, push, rub, lick, wear and remove it.
  • CLEAN: You give your gold orlog a quick spit and shine, making sure the gears are moving smoothly against each other.
  • PUNCH: You huff loudly and squint your eyes together in a hard stare at your gold orlog where a teeny mechanical Gnome has clambered out of a hidden door. Seeing your glare, the tiny clockwork Gnome scrambles out of sight with a frightened shriek.
  • TURN: You nudge a tiny button among the gears on your gold orlog causing a hidden door to swing open. The arm of a tiny clockwork Gnome reaches forth and pulls the door closed again with a soft click.
  • PULL: You pull at a miniscule lever on your gold orlog causing a hidden door to pop open revealing a tiny clockwork Gnome who steps out. The Gnome tilts its head with a little bow then scrambles back through the door slamming it shut.
  • PUSH: You fiddle with one of the gears on your gold orlog making them all move with a high pitched squealing sound.
  • RUB: With a small sigh, you rub a spot from one of the many gears on your gold orlog. It shifts slightly making a soft clanking sound as it moves against the gear next to it.
  • LICK: You lick your gold orlog eliciting an outraged sound from within. A tiny clockwork Gnome slams open a hidden door, jumping out to shake a finger at you while making garbled and unintelligible noises. The miniature figure finishes up their rant and rubs dry the damp spot before stomping back through the door and closing it.
  • WEAR: You thoughtfully adjust a few of the gears on your gold orlog to ensure the perfect fit then situate it into just the right spot. Almost as an afterthought, you push a shiny gear causing a small clicking sound as if the gold orlog were now locked into place.
  • REMOVE: With one finger, you nudge one of the many miniscule gears on your gold orlog producing a metallic clicking sound as it shifts free from the others. You then gently pull your gold orlog off.


When first purchased, the orlog will be set to INACTIVE. To start and stop the passive atmospheric messaging, use the ATMOSPHERE verb.
Possible messages include:

  • Weird sounds emanate from your gold orlog as the gears forming it grind to a halt. Wisps of smoke drift upward as the sound fades.
  • A strange creaking comes from your gold orlog as the gears briefly lurch into motion. A single gear appears to stick making the whole thing shudder. A tiny clockwork Gnome appears to give it a good kick, before crawling back inside a hidden door on the gold orlog.
  • A whirring noise drifts up from your gold orlog as a number of the miniature gears careen into a blur of spinning metal. Each one helping to propel the next one until one unmoving gear causes the whole thing to come to a sudden squealing halt complete with a puff of dark smoke.
  • A ticking sound starts from within your gold orlog, getting louder as first one gear then another shift back and forth causing the ones around them to shift as well. Clambering from behind a hidden door, a tiny clockwork Gnome bangs a hammer against the offending gear until it stops moving. Seemingly happy the mechanical Gnome jumps back into its hiding place and closes the door.