Item:Felstone imbuement rod topped with a laughing skull

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felstone imbuement rod topped with a laughing skull
Look: A thickly lacquered and yellowing skull rests pierced upon a smooth and otherwise unremarkable stone rod. The jawbone hangs somewhat free to clatter about during use of the tool.
Weight: 25 stones
Appraised Cost: 512500 Kronars
410,000 Lirums
369,820 Dokoras
512.5 LTBpoints
512.5 Tickets
512.5 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is used in enchanting or is projected to be part of the enchanting crafting system.
Dimensions: 3 length x 2 width x 2 height
Sources: Source is Skyward Crafting (7)

This appears to be a tool used with enchanting. A loose ring fitted around the handle indicates the device's charge level, and allows for adjusting it up or down. You think the device's charge level may be adjusted by ADJUST ROD TO a number between one and one hundred. The level must then be locked in by TURNing the rod. Finally, the enchanter must WAVE the rod at the item being enchanted to cast an imbuement upon it.

This rod has a maximum effective mana adjustment of 65, and is currently set to 65.

Tool Properties

Quality: masterfully (12/12)
Durability: marginally vulnerable (8/18)
Speed: rather effective (7/11)