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Caution.png Read This First

Unless you are playing in The Fallen, scripting while unresponsive, regardless of your status at the keyboard, is against the rules. It is your responsibility to create scripts that will not continue endlessly, in case you fall asleep or have to leave the keyboard suddenly.

This is not a trivial matter and can result in experience penalties, character loss, or permanent lockout.

In game type "NEWS 5 17" to review DR scripting policy.

You have been warned.

Experience in Dragon Realms turns in to ranks over time. Subscribed players receive experience drain when they log in. For 100% experience drain it takes 6 hours offline, or 8 hours offline if a warning has been received in the last 180 days. Free to play players receive no experience drain at log in, unless they purchase a pass from the SIMUCOIN store.

Some players prefer to drain experience while online for many reasons. Draining experience is allowed in Dragon Realms, with some important caveats.

  1. Idle draining should be just that, draining. Away from keyboard (AFK) Scripting is never allowed. Refer to |NEWS 5 17 and POLICY 16 for detailed rules for scripting in game.
    It cannot be emphasized enough that you CAREFULLY READ the policy on AFK Scripting before draining experience online. Even if you are not gaining experience, you should not be passively providing yourself or others any benefits.
  2. It is best to use SLEEP mode to prevent the accidental gaining of experience while AFK. Gaining experience can be resumed with AWAKEN.
  3. Wrayth and Avalon have a built in REST MODE which will send the experience command to keep you online. This is activated by pressing CTRL + R or COMMAND + R.
  4. Idle draining should not be done in public areas. This should be done in safe rooms, preferably with a locked door.
    Being in public while draining experience is dangerous. Invasions happen and other players can also be dangerous. Some players may also find AFK players disruptive in a public location.
    In the Crossing DIR INN and use one of the inn rooms available. Once inside an inn room CLOSE the door and LATCH it. Locking the door while you are inside will prevent other players from coming in. If you log out while in the private room, the door will automatically unlock.
    Public gathering areas in guildhalls or the Crossing Bank are NOT safe, wise, or good locations to drain experience at. Only areas with locked doors are truly safe as invasion can and do happen anywhere and everywhere.
  5. Having a bleeding wound or disease may be fatal while you are away. Get healed first.
  6. Be sure you have enough favors on hand that if you do die while away DEPART mechanics will automatically save your items.


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