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This item was introduced during the 410 Hollow Eve festival (2013).

Physical Properties

Per GM Persida: A rare translucent gem of bright vivid green with blue and yellow iridescence, iahja naturally forms in long, thin, six-sided crystals that grow outward from certain copper deposits. Particularly large (more than about a half inch in length), intact specimens are exceedingly rare, and correspondingly expensive. As such, iahja is most commonly found in small chips and pieces used as decorative inlay, and the larger intact pieces are very rarely shaped beyond the slightest finishings (sic) since its natural shape is considered valuable and beautiful in and of itself.

Must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Holly green gown of glistening duchess satin with iahja dewdropsDamsel In This Dress (3)true
Iridescent iahja crystal sliverLimited Treasures (2)true
Item:Pair of small golden hoops suspending several thin iahja crystalsNatural Beauty (1)true
Item:Vibrant blue-green pivuh with iahja scalesHollow Eve Festival 410 Auctiontrue
Leaf green chiffon gown with an ornate silversteel and iahja necklineDamsel In This Dress (3)true
Luminous iahja helleboreCultured Attire (4)true
Miniature blue gold observation wheel suspending boxy iahja-inlaid gondolasLimited Treasures (1)Spacious flat-top travel trunk plastered with numerous faded sideshow posterstrue
Pair of small golden hoops suspending several thin iahja crystalsNatural Beauty (1)true
Silver wire mask shimmering with iahja teardropsAerial Artistrytrue
Tyrium spider set with chips of iahja crystalAccents for the Arachnophile (2)true
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