House Ananthor

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One of the three Border Houses, along with Rethlon and Avshotin, that defend Therengia's northern border. The Therengian forces under House Ananthor's control were poisoned by agents of the Outcasts prior to the start of the Outcast War in order to prevent them from opposing their march south to Hvaral.

From The Morzindaen of Therengia

House Ananthor controls one of Therengia's 'border territories,' those lands along the northern border of the province. Beyond that border lies an endless and uncrossable expanse of wastes occupied by barbaric tribes and savage creatures. Ananthor is strong militarily, in order to protect the border. An old House, with a history of military excellence, Ananthor is the highest ranking of the northern border Houses. Their crest is an image of a charging boar run through with crossing spears on a green and gold field.


  • House Ananthor is currently led by Lord Paragon Dunith Ananthor.
  • Lord Alured is Dunith's son and Baron Gyfford Theren's Master of the Horse.
  • Lady Athelisa is Dunith's daughter and is currently betrothed to Baron Gyfford Theren.