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Hedarya Dunul-Adenin
Race Kaldar
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Xolaudas

Seeress, Wordsmith, Star-eyed Wanderer

Fate's Skein Hedarya Dunul-Adenin, a Kaldar.

She has a wraithheart-set headdress trailing skeins of glacial bloodlace framing the contours of a heart-shaped face, smolderingly intense stormy grey eyes, a sprite bone set with duskbloom sapphires piercing the septum of her nose and dimples pierced by a perfectly matched pair of whirl-cut rainbow sapphires. Her cinereous hair is calf length and fine, and is worn in an elegant upswept arrangement threaded with some twilight-hued glass charms swaying from darkened silver filigree chains. She has pale skin and a scattering of silvery blue-sheened moonlight gardenias arrayed to elegantly emphasize a slender figure.
She is tiny for a Kaldar.
A square-cut glacier emerald is positioned between her eyes, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.
She is an adult.
Her shoulder has a tattoo of a childish Kaldar dancing amid a field of zombies.
You are wearing a dark moonspun silk eyepatch embroidered with a golden eye, a small platinum hoop earring with a dangling diamond-capped moon pearl, some lusterless blackwater jet teardrop earrings, a deep black nightsilk cloak embroidered with a silver dagger, an arresting off-the-shoulder robe of glacial bloodlace, some silver-chased elbow spikes, a lumium target shield with a trimmed face, a lacquered ironwood parry stick with dark steelsilk straps, an ornate gloomwood ring, a grey cambrinth ring, a simple cambrinth anklet and some silvery velvet boots with shimmering moonstone clasps.


Personal Alterations

Original: Item:Winged orichalcum headdress set with a large merlot ruby from Tildi's Blooms (3)
Alteration: a wraithheart-set headdress trailing skeins of glacial bloodlace Done by: Keishalae At: Hollow Eve Festival 425
Spindly icesteel branches rise like oddly curled antlers from a slim circle of polished bone, their boughs strung with crystal slivers that clink together in a glassy cacophony at each turn. Silky skeins of argent bloodlace descend in graduated tiers down the back, fashioning a scintillating net that traces the spine in a glacial deluge of silvery fabric and ovals of lusterless blackwater jet. A solitary wraithheart is suspended from a chain at the front, designed to rest just above the wearer's brow.
Original: Item:Starlight velvet robe with a delicate night diamond clasp from Obscure Memories (5)
Alteration: an arresting off-the-shoulder robe of glacial bloodlace Done by: Urdesas At: Hollow Eve Festival 425
Unconventional in design, this robe is made to cling to the wearer much like a gown would. A portrait neckline sweeps from shoulder-to-shoulder, crafted to expose the collarbones and a tasteful crescent of each shoulder when worn. Icesteel chains encircle a cinched waist, their many tiers boasting small slivers of wraithheart down the glacial hued fabric beneath. Flaring at the hips, the bloodlace skirt is designed to drop heavily to the floor in a wide sweeping bell.

Purchased Alterations

a corseted gown of frost opal icesilk back-laced with white faesilk ribbons
Reinforced by icesteel boning and back-laced with long faesilk ribbons, the ornate corset features panels of both smooth winterweave and spun glitter. The skirt is designed to drape gracefully to the floor, forming fragile snow-white pools of radiant silk upon the ground when worn. A flurry of tiny crystal snowflakes are carefully stitched along the neckline and hem of the gown to form a phrase.
There appears to be something written on it.
An icesilk gown reads:
"Ice Princess"
a dainty ice-veined leather loincloth trimmed with antique-white lace and opals
The cool white leather carries hints of glacial blue within its deep folds as it circles the hips. Flawless bright white opals peek flirtatiously from their settings nestled within the ruffles of frail crystal-flecked lace along the hem.
The barest hint of a blue-white shimmer appears across the surface of the leather.
a smoke ruby dusted wyvern earcuff set with molten-core diamond eyes x2
The wyvern's tail is designed to pierce the ear's lobe while the rest wraps behind the wearer's upper ear, allowing the head to hover roughly where the ear canal is. Its scales and curled wings are tinged with a dark red coloration that is nearly imperceptible against the deep black body. The eye sockets are filled by twin diamonds, revealing small pools of molten lava within, giving the beast an almost sentient and distinctly malevolent appearance.


It drifted over her face in fine powder, clinging to pale hair, lashes

and skin before melting into the warmth found there. Bleak, shining, the

sun made dazzling diamonds of the snowfield around her, a sparkle born

here like an upturned sky in which the earth is reduced to foggy

atmosphere above the blinding radiance of a white-starred veil drawn

over a Lady's chilled countenance. Frigid air slid into her lungs, a

deep breath was taken; stillness breaks as from poppy-induced trancing

she finds herself alone.

Rather than seek respite in the fur mantle she wears, her cold fingers

brush errant patterns in the snow, a soft flurry of words released in

plumes of crystallised moisture to stain the brittle air biting her sore

lips like glacial suitors intent on stealing kisses. "You are cold, and

You are beautiful", she sings, though her voice is lost in a gust of

wind. "Where the winter moon shines in hardship, the stars beckon". The

timbre of her voice deepens as she reaches back with a hand and tugs the

pelt from her shoulders, shrugging it off and leaving her bare as a babe

in the boreal recesses of abandonment. Frosted tears like ornaments from

flushed cheeks slide, caught and held, precious gems upon her skin --

she is afraid.

Frigid, the climate penetrates, exacerbates, and lifting a mirror in

shaking hands she gazes upon her other self within the fogged glass. Her

twin smiles and becomes the face of the moon -- pale and unflawed,

though this imagery is broken as a crimson trickle slides across its

ice-sheet surface. "A prophesy broken" she murmurs softly, the bloody

portent noted with drawn brows while she presses a wounded hand to the

mirror-self and washes her away in a smear of scarlet.

Something profound slithers beneath her ivory skin, something pulses to

a beat not unlike that of a heart. This rhythm refuses to synchronize

with hers, instead coaxing her heart's thrum to play counterpart in an

enthusiastic recital. Unable to do else, she takes up the drum and sets

a beat with her palm, the soothing balm of a mystic's hymn uniting these

two pulses of life in one purpose -- A symphony of spirituality.