Pretty as a Yak

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Pretty as a Yak
Event Guildfest 398, Guildfest 401
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Trader shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Pretty as a Yak]
Fine netting lining the walls is bedecked with dried flowers, plumes and pieces of ribbon. Baskets filled with sequins, beads and squares of felt hang from hooks in the ceiling. A life-sized yak carved of oak stands in the middle of the room hats piled high along its back. Racks have been placed at each end of the odd centerpiece with a mahogany stand underneath.
You also see a yellow door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the copperwood rack
Item Price Done
slender silver nose ring dangling tiny bells 3,500   
gold nose ring sporting a large red ruby 30,000   No
oaken nose ring with knotted scrollwork burned into the surface 1,500   
wooden nose ring that is cracked through with bite marks 1,000   
thick brass nose ring 2,400   
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
dingy and torn green ribbons 750   
black silk ribbons with silver piping 2,400   
bright red ribbons embroidered with butterflies 2,400   
blue ribbons gathered with an ivory rosette 5,000   
white ribbons with "NO. 1" stenciled down the lengths 2,400   No
purple and yellow ribbons gathered with gold beads 3,500   
On the mahogany stand
Item Price Done
woven garland of daisies and myrtle 1,000   
garland of woven field grass and clover 1,000   
garland of braided silk ribbons woven with teak beads 1,500   
garland of wild roses and white ribbons 1,000   
garland of white roses and Elven ivy 2,400   
silk garland of green ribbons and baby's breath 1,000   
garland of braided hemp with buttercups woven through 1,000   
garland of white gladiolus and violets 1,000   
On the pine rack
Item Price Done
somber black bow 1,000   !!
large fake mustache with its ends twisted and curled up 2,400   !!
bright yellow silk bow embroidered with green apples 1,000   !!
pair of enormous green spectacles with orange beads inlaid around the rims 2,400   No
bushy fake beard that is braided with daisies and buttercups 2,400   
On the lifesize yak
Item Price Done
floppy-brimmed hat with a bird's nest balanced on top 2,000   
blue and white beanie cap with a daisy sticking out the top 1,500   
jaunty fedora with a silk black ribbon 2,500   
straw hat with a red and white-checkered ribbon 1,300   
straw hat with a large dried sunflower on the brim 1,300   
grey wool cap with holes cut out on each side 1,000   
top hat with a red ribbon accent 2,500   
blue and yellow plaid cap with a bright red feather 1,300