It's Elemental

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It's Elemental
Event Guildfest 398
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Warrior Mage shops, Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops
Restrictions Warrior Mage
This store only accepts Lirums


[It's Elemental, Showroom]
Vibrantly painted panels display raging flames, crashing waves and flashing lightning bolts as well as other depictions of the elements common to the warrior mage's art. So as not to clash with the decor behind them, the shop displays remain very muted, with little adornment other than the wares offered for sale. You also see a multicolored door, a carved teak wardrobe, a set of carved teak shelves with some stuff on it, a carved teak boot tree with some stuff on it, a carved teak slipper display with some stuff on it, a series of cloak hooks with some stuff on it, a weapons rack with some stuff on it and an armor stand with some stuff on it.

teak wardrobe
Item Price Done
box-pleated robe of fine undyed brown wool ?   No
fitted robe of mottled red silk with a billowing amber overlay ?   No
robe of heavy sea-green velvet slashed with bright cerulean silk ?   No
many-layered iridescent silk robes ?   No
simple robe of silver satin lined with pale cyan silk ?   No
inky black silk robe decorated with flashes of silver embroidery ?   No
a set of carved teak shelves
Item Price Done
plain leather pouch fastened with a polished brass button ?   
amber silk pouch with deep carmine drawstrings ?   No
cerulean velvet pouch lined with sea-green silk ?   No
iridescent silk pouch embroidered with an elaborate knotwork pattern ?   No
pale cyan silk pouch with tasseled silver drawstrings ?   No
inky black silk pouch with crystal beaded drawstrings ?   No
leather backpack crafted in the shape of a tower ?   No

a carved teak boot tree
Item Price Done
supple leather boots with polished brass buckles ?   No
carmine leather boots lined with fiery golden lambswool ?   No
blue suede ankle boots with turned down cuffs ?   No
white leather boots with sharply pointed toes ?   No
pale cyan leather boots studded with a multitude of silver sigils ?   No
dark leather boots adorned with gleaming jagged silver studs ?   No
a carved teak slipper display
Item Price Done
supple leather slippers with polished brass buckles ?   No
carmine silk slippers adorned with gleaming amber beadwork ?   No
cross-strapped blue suede slippers ?   No
iridescent silk slippers embroidered in varicolored thread ?   No
pale cyan silk slippers with bright silver buckles ?   No
dark silk slippers with bright lightning-shaped buckles ?   No
a series of cloak hooks
Item Price Done
deeply hooded cloak of misty grey spidersilk ?   !!
deeply hooded cloak of richly decorated silk brocade ?   !!
deeply hooded cloak of pure white spidersilk decorated with icy blue embroidery ?   !!
deeply hooded cloak embellished with swirling grey clouds ?   !!
a weapons rack
Item Price Done
crystal-capped quarter staff wrapped in embossed white leather 100,000   !!!!
flamewood-hilted falcata with a heavily decorated blade 70,000   !!!!
oak-hafted spear wrapped in branded suede 40,000   !!!!
etched steel bastard sword 150,000   !!!!
engraved scimitar with a blued steel blade 100,000   !!!!
an armor stand
Item Price Done
leather gauntlets embossed with a single flame 1,000   !!
stiffened gloves dyed a deep blue 1,500   !!
thick blue cloth robe woven with crashing waves 50,000   !!
darkened hauberk accented with bright silver lightning bolts 100,000   !!
blackened mail gauntlets (1) 10,000   !!
leather robes embossed with rising flames 120,000   !!!!