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Sound the Hunt
Event Guildfest 398, Guildfest 401
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Barbarian shops
Restrictions Barbarian
This store only accepts Lirums

[Sound the Hunt, Shop Floor]
Forked oak support poles barely carry the weight from shaggy mammoth hides draped about the tent. Towards the tent's center, a smoldering firepit surrounded by wet shale rock fills the air with an earthy steam. Tables made from bone, birch, marble and steel form a triangle around the fire, displaying many items for sale. In the corner, an alabaster stand exhibits simpler wares. A leather flap embroidered with an orange flame leads deeper in
Obvious exits: none.

On the marble table
Item Price Done
rough granite warhorn reinforced with thick platinum bands 200,000   
green jade warhorn capped with a flared brass mouthpiece 200,000   
On the bone table
Item Price Done
sky-blue warhorn set with deep cerulean sapphires 350,000   
mammoth tusk warhorn gilded with gold flames 1,000,000   
storm bull warhorn encircled with a pewter band 600,000   
seordmaor scale warhorn encircled by cerulean leather bands 750,000   
On the birch table
Item Price Done
mistwood warhorn encased with gold filigree 1,000,000   
painted oak warhorn decorated with crushed rubies 200,000   
On the steel table
Item Price Done
stout bronze warhorn embossed with a triumphant battle scene 200,000   
pitted iron warhorn surrounded by menacing spikes 400,000   
triple-curved warhorn decorated with silver flames 750,000   
On the alabaster stand
Item Price Done
spruce warhorn decorated with a thatch pattern 50,000   
brass warhorn embossed with flames 60,000   
fiery-red warhorn carved from a bull's horn 100,000   
steel-studded warhorn 80,000   
These horns lack the guild specific abilities and have a reduced sounding range.[1]

[Sound the Hunt, Inner Shop Floor]
The air grows warmer in this compact and more intimate part of the tent. Small wisps of steam from the larger room cling to the still air. An impressive battle scene adorns a large hide draped on the back wall, above a table draped with pelts offering several items for sale. A leather flap embroidered with a warhorn leads back to the main tent.

On the wood table
Item Price Done
chakrel ale mug amulet hung from a brass chain 400,000   
slender chakrel longbow amulet hung from a leather cord 400,000   
spiked chakrel morningstar amulet hung from a segmented bronze chain 400,000   
massive chakrel galleon amulet hung from a slender steel cord 400,000   
fierce chakrel bear amulet hung from a braided gold chain 400,000   
miniature chakrel warhorn amulet hung from a segmented gold chain 400,000   


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