Goldenglow glaes

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Goldenglow glaes at a Glance
Material Type Metals
Colors Blue, Black, Gold, Platinum
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
  • Hollow Eve material
Required for Alterations Yes

Goldenglow glaes is a commercial alloy of glaes, gold, and platinum originally developed by Zoluren nobility as a gift to the Merelew. The exact proportions and methods of its production are trade secret, but when properly smelted, the final product is a pale golden metal with a radiant sheen and hint of translucence. Goldenglow glaes is well-suited to both ornamental and martial purposes, and is an especially popular choice for holy armaments, icons, and tools among those who can afford the exorbitant prices demanded for such pieces.

Common Description

A faint translucence hints at layers of depth beneath the metal's pale golden surface washed in a radiant sheen.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Bejeweled goldenglow glaes flaskItem:Stylish shadesatin waistcoat fastened by smooth whiskey quartzfestival
Blush pink seasilk purse with a symbolic goldenglow glaes closureHollow Eve Festival 443/Rafflesfestival
Broad goldenglow glaes armband edged with black enamelLooty Booty (2)festival
Chubby clockwork dragonet with wobbly wings and goldenglow glaes scalesLimited Treasures (6)festival
Dainty wedding ring of dual-banded goldenglow glaes trapping an oval iahjaItem:Rosewood trinket box embellished with goldenglow glaes
Dapper goldenglow glaes cufflinks displaying polished spectrolite cabochonsLimited Treasures (6)festival
Delicate goldenglow glaes eyelid pieceHollow Eve Festival 447/Rafflesfestival
Ethereal goldenglow glaes ring displaying a perfect erythraean cabochonLimited Treasures (5)
Flashy party dress of sunkissed chiffon wrapped in thin goldenglow glaes chainsLimited Treasures (5)
Fleecy black cashmere kilt with goldenglow glaes bucklesHollow Eve Festival 443/Rafflesfestival
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