Glaes Spatula Cooking Competition 423

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This contest was hosted by Chef Bottura Fromage on 32 Skullcleaver 423 (6/4/2017).

Prize Place Prime Winner Plat Winner
pure white glaes spatula with a razor-sharp edge 1st place Shenney Articus
glaes belt frog 1st place Shenney Articus
necklace bearing a pure white glaes spatula pendant 2nd place Nakori Sibley
pure white glaes ring shaped like a bent spatula 3rd place Miskton Rebecka

[Fairegrounds Meadow]
The fragrance of freshly mown hay is prevalent as the deep green grass of the clearing gives way to the fields where the faire is set up and in full swing.
You also see a banner-strung oak table sheltered with an attached umbrella with several things on it, an opulent velvet tent trimmed with golden tassels, an umber tent draped with mammoth hides, a large cake-shaped tent with pink canvas awnings and a hemp sack tied to the end of a barbed spear.
Obvious paths: east, northwest.


On the plain table
Item Price Done
silver stand filled with small plates of Dragon Mountain apple crumble artfully latticed with apple whisky caramel drizzle - Shenney (1st place) 0   
huge platter of rolled egg omelets topped with strawberry paste and dusted with confectionery sugar - Anjinson 0   
tray filled with crispy ham-stuffed rats topped with barbecue sauce and chilled pats of bacon-butter - Nakori (2nd place) 0   
dish displaying a succulent suckling piglet with a plum and bacon demi-glace - Aislynn 0   
tray bearing several stuffed poached pike nestled atop a bed of beets and horseradish greens - Miskton (3rd place) 0   


On the plain table
Item Price Done
some dishes of rainbow tomato salad dressed with flower petals - Rebecka 0   
plate of Albarian waffles topped with whipped butter and maple syrup - Sibley 0   
platter displaying numerous site-sized pieces of damaska boar with wild berries and roasted corn arranged upon flat leaves - Articus 0   

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