Weapon:Pure white glaes spatula with a razor-sharp edge

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pure white glaes spatula with a razor-sharp edge
Look: Engraving upon the handle spells out "True culinary excellence! Glaes Spatula Cooking Competition 423 -- First Place" in a bold script.
Type: Light Edged
Puncture: poor (2/28)
Slice: moderate (7/28)
Impact: fair (5/28)
Force of Impact: poorly (3/17)
Balance: inadequately (4/17)
Suitedness: well (9/17)
Construction: highly protected (13/18)
Metal: Yes
Weight: 25 stones
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Special Properties:
  • This weapon has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: 8 length x 2 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Glaes Spatula Cooking Competition 423


  • STUDY: As you study the spatula, you think you could probably wave and raise it.
  • WAVE: You wave your glaes spatula around threateningly, its razor-sharp edge glinting in the light!
  • RAISE: You raise your glaes spatula high, beaming with pride!