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Forging hammers and forging mallets are crafting tools used in the various metalworking techniques (Blacksmithing, Weaponsmithing, and Armorsmithing). See Crafting Tools for additional details.


Forging hammers/mallets can be created using forging techniques that fall under the Blacksmithing discipline.


Likewise, their repair falls under the same skills, with standard processes for metal tool repair.


Forging hammers use material hardness to derive their effectiveness. According to GM Kodius, the fastest hammers are those with high hardness which unfortunately also results in lack of durability.

(Low carbon steel was used for the durability cap, and high carbon steel was used for speed cap.)

  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
<metal> diagonal-peen mallet 02- Very Easy 12 x density 13- h.protected 03- e.ineffective 03- q.fragile 04- v.ineffective
<metal> diagonal-peen hammer 03- Easy 12 x density 09- average 05- n.v.effective 02- v.delicate 05- n.v.effective
<metal> cross-peen hammer 04- Simple 12 x density 06- s.unsound 06- s.o.effective 01- e.weak 07- r.effective
<metal> straight-peen hammer 06- Somewhat Challenging 12 x density 11- r.reinforced 04- v.ineffective 03- q.fragile 04- v.ineffective
<metal> straight-peen mallet 07- Challenging 12 x density 11- r.reinforced 04- v.ineffective 03- q.fragile 04- v.ineffective
<metal> ball-peen hammer 08- Complicated 12 x density 02- v.delicate 08- v.effective 01- e.weak 09- except.effective
<metal> blunt forging hammer 10- Difficult 10 x density 10- a bit 08- v.effective 02- v.delicate 09- except.effective
<metal> ball-peen mallet 12- Extremely Difficult 12 x density ? ? ? ?

Non-crafted Variations

The items below were acquired in game from a store, auction, raffle, etc. They were not crafted by a player.

 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #DurabilityDurability #Rarity
Agonite forging hammer firestained with knotwork ravensmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8incidental
Ayabere-handled forging mallet with a militant squid inlaid across the coralite facemasterfully-crafted12sort of effective6rather reinforced11festival
Bamboo-hafted forging hammerraffle
Blackened iron forging hammerfestival
Blacksmith's hammer adorned with uthamar spirals along the handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7nearly impervious17incidental
Blunt-headed damite mallet with a corrugated goldwood handlemasterfully-crafted12very ineffective4extremely resistant15festival
Deeply-pitted tomiek mallet with a coarse modwir handlemasterfully-crafted12very ineffective4extremely resistant15festival
Dragon-head forging hammer with a viridian ilomba haftmasterfully-crafted12tremendously effective11marginally vulnerable8auction
Dwarven iron forging hammer with a polished mikkhalbamar handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Engraved tyrium ball-peen hammer accented with a leather-wrapped handlemasterfully-crafted12extremely effective10appreciably susceptible7auction
Forging hammer detailed to resemble a fierce bear's mawmasterfully-crafted12sort of effective6rather reinforced11festival
Forging hammer detailed to resemble an eagle's claws clutching a jagged stonemasterfully-crafted12sort of effective6rather reinforced11festival
Forging hammer with a detailed shark's mawmasterfully-crafted12sort of effective6rather reinforced11festival
Forging hammer with a lightning bolt shaped headmasterfully-crafted12sort of effective6very strong14festival
Forging hammer with platinum accentsmasterfully-crafted12exceptionally effective9somewhat unsound6incidental
... further results

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