Feast of Eluned 1 auction

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See Curiosities In Coral


First Auction

Item Buyer Platinum
black yak sack with a shellacked plaque tacked to the back Flura bullwhip
pewter knight wielding a mirror blade with a dragon carved hilt Danxiuls
polished bronze cowbell Torshan
bottle of Cnyr's whiskey
mistwood takedown bow capped with wickedly sharp spiraling ram's horns Seteria
rounded brown bowler Renwulf
damascened damite masamune with a curved black jade hilt inset with a massive dark conquerer's ruby Pedrig
vague cambrinth ocular Catriona
sinuous black nightsilk wristwrap Astryid
polished midnight black cutlass engraved with the image of a leaping panther Sahen shimmer cutlass
leather-wrapped tin drinking mug with a glass bottom Solstitia
stuffed moosehead
blue crystal wand Kierlon (5 lunar spells)
deeply ridged iron helm fashioned into the visage of a snarling mythical beast Torgar roar helm
darkened steel sabre inset with a deep violet glowstone flame Nosirol light sabre
mechanical Aldauth's Howl moth
pair of fur-lined plate gauntlets tipped with decorative platinum claws Khisanth casting gauntlets
rosewood log with "ANGER MANAGEMENT" whittled on it in large block letters
large rough cut crystal box Sibley bank box
badge engraved with a closed fist Solarryis Tipping badge
jeweled amulet with a large Bardic Soul Knot of deep blue sapphires
crescent shaped silver earring with tiny stars dangling from delicate links Raecear
brightly painted ironwood wand Draist Terror Wand
green and white ball Legault
"ocular" puppet race-changing puppet
ivory-hilted broadsword with a ruddy blade Ojo gore weapon
golden ring engraved with the viper of Ushnish Tallnavor antidote ring
grotesque misshapen doll
pair of tarnished mesh gauntlets with platinum-woven cuffs Rayvne casting gauntlets
silver staff that culminates in a desiccated hand Sunshyne light staff
enormous pair of vivid crimson firesilk dragon wings flecked with tiny glowing sunstone shards
mammoth hide bandwa Dalkin 70 daggers inside
black spidersilk pouch stitched with an intricate web pattern Noneko carapace armor
oilcloth rucksack Helyanwe two items can be tied to it

Second Auction

Item Buyer Platinum
be-ribboned jester's stick painted with bright bands around its width Solstitia insult wand
ceremonial Elven iltesh with a blackened slender blade Raecear ME
Halfling's knobby kneecapper deformed by twists and bulbous knots Halfling racial weapon
scuffed brass cowbell
jewel-hilted Gnomish long blade incised with a blood channel Sibley Gnome racial weapon
stuffed moosehead Legault
twin-bladed Kaldaran Warlord's slaughtersword Flura Kaldar racial weapon
brass-fitted broadsword with tiny mother-of-pearl wrens set into the polished hardwood grip Sahen shimmer broadsword
pair of platinum earrings set with pale green peridots trader jewelry
blue-black wool cloak embroidered with clusters of flowers Astryid flower cloak
stylish tan suede fedora Aramil
stuffed moosehead Nosirol
long slender spear crafted from a single piece of black ironwood Kierlon gore weapon
handsome set of field plate armor inlaid with gold, platinum, and silver Solarryis trader appraisal / invisibility - 300 charges
dark chain mail painted with a weasel Draist
set of rugged and extremely well made leathers Discipline boost - 150 charges
reinforced double leathers emblazoned with the image of a snarling wolverine Torshan
black silk gloves accented with delicate gold embroidery along the seams and edges Noneko rechargeable agility boost, 5 charges maximum
pair of leather gauntlets with trillium-cut diamonds sewn into the knuckles casting gauntlets
rune-covered red backpack Ulfric large backpack
bone-white wool cloak embroidered with stylized knotwork ghosts
rune-covered skull Seteria
mechanical Aldauth's Howl moth
T'Kashi mirror blade (1) Pedrig
T'Kashi mirror axe Rayvne
T'Kashi mirror knife Helyanwe
massive black Imperial war shield wall shield
kiln-dried clay duck lays flea bomb eggs

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