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  • Water for alchemy and Cleric rituals can be found in the SW room of the area.
  • 2 altars, neither of which are currently aligns with Pilgrim's badges (2019), can be found in the Garden Shrine. They are marked "Saren Elizaharri" and "Janen Elizaharri" along the bases.
  • At the top of the Carillon are a 8 bells along with a large cube of living blue-green coral, which serves as an altar and is aligned with with Pilgrim's badges.
  • Found wandering the grounds are a snowy white goose and an old man. In addition to many atmospheric messages from each, the goose will periodically drop a random flower on the ground.
  • Picked in this area are the following:

Carillon Garden goose

Carillon views

From each room in the Garden, with the exception of the entry arch room, when you LOOK CARILLON, you'll find a different scene. Starting at the entry arch and going around the Garden clockwise:

  • Several merfolk lounge on a rock in a tidal pool, one playing a harp while the others spin seafoam. Close by on the beach, a long-haired woman tosses food to a flock of albatross flapping around her.
  • Fish school past a newly sunken ship resting on the ocean floor. The sea has yet to silt over the precious cargo spilling from the gashed hull, and nearby, a woman looms over the ship, her raven-colored hair streaming in the current as she plucks the souls of the drowned like flowers from a field.
  • A triskel composed of stylized sharks swims menacingly upon the varigated blue stained-glass window set in this face of the carillon.
  • Peri'el's stained glass image stares down from the carillon. She appears behind the island, embracing it and calming the tremors of the volcano, while in the crescent harbor a hardy fleet of ships lies at anchor. Plank bridges connect the close-set ships, giving a hint of Mer'Kresh's origins.
  • Holding her hands to his lips, an Elven man and Human woman stand near the captain's wheel aboard a ship. Far above them, Albreda smiles benevolently as she watches them from her perch among the clouds.
  • Large hands, strong and capable, reach from the edge of the window towards a small robed figure, its own hands raised in supplication. The image, surrounded by colors representing ground and sky, is uncluttered and simple to the point of being stark.
  • Eluned's beautiful image, clothed in the swirling blues and greens of the ocean, holds a dazzling torch aloft to light the way home for lost sailors.

Once inside the Carillon, when you LOOK WINDOW, LOOK OTHER WINDOW, etc., you'll find matching scenes to the ones above.