Excavation Notes on Paladin Guild, Inner Hibarnhvidar (book)

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Excavation Notes on Paladin Guild, Inner Hibarnhvidar

By Paladin Guild Chronicler Oane Hannitraulm

Day 171, 384

The maze was interesting to track through. The Dwarven builders left it in perfect condition; little digging was required. In fact, the whole area is truly amazing. It is believed, but not confirmed, that the father of Emille had built this guildhall for her after she returned from Therengia. I have other documentation that may support this information. With as much tribute to her here, it's obvious that her people loved her. The vault that was built for her is truly breathtaking. I stop there each day to meditate and give her thanks. Her contributions to the Paladin guild are truly historical. I just wish I could drag some cushions in; the stone dais is hard on my knees.

Day 175, 384

Asilias and his crew were finally able to find the legendary stone lions. He has not yet taken the next step, literally. While my colleague is pure of heart, he is cautious in mind. I do not believe that the builder of the maze wanted to create fatal traps; however, my esteemed partner does not wish to take that challenge. We are still unable to theorize what is hidden down in these tunnels.

I have continued to study the Memorial of Champions. That place has already provided useful information in getting this far. Perhaps there is something else that could assist us with the lions or anything else we might encounter.

Day 180, 384

I closely inspected the stone lions and saw that they were carved in different positions. I'm unsure what that means. In addition, they both have soulstones for eyes. This does not worry me as I know my soul to be pristine, but there's something about the eyes that makes me worry that it would not just sense my my soul.

Day 185, 384

I am too excited to wait much longer on these lions. I told Asilias that I would dig out the archway myself.

Day 186, 384

Asilias decided to join me. I guess he realized you only live once. We've asked the workers to stay behind in case of danger.

Day 187, 384

Last night we stopped digging through the archway. A strange humming noise erupted from the lions, and their eyes began to glow. It was almost as if we tripped some sort of alarm. We have backed off for now.

Day 190, 384

I've given up studying the Memorial of Champions. I have gone back to the stone lions, and I told Asilias that it's now or never. Should I make no more entries, please tell my sister that she can have my birds.

Day 196, 384

Praise the Thirteen! Asilias and I successfully walked past the lions, and we are now clearing out the rest of the archway entrance. From what we can tell, it's obvious that we've reached some sort of treasure room. Why else would there be guards outside the archway? But what kind of treasure? A horde of Kertig Tears?

Day 200, 384

I am unable to fathom what we found. It is more precious than any treasure. More precious than anything I have ever seen (save being gifted by the gods with my beloved icon). Asilias and I have reason to believe that we have found the real resting place of Emille the Fist. I will provide more information as we continue to research.

Inventory in this room currently includes:
Animite chests (3)
Breastplates (2)
Mail armors (2)
Yellowed scroll
Dried flowers
Beard braid (gender unknown)
Wall shield

Day 204, 384

The coffin has not been opened yet. We have been trying to peek through the rotting wood, and all we have been able to make out are skeletal remains and some plate armor. I want to remove the coffin lid but Asilias has ordered me not to touch it. I do not understand why he would not wish to view this piece of history, but I will comply as he still represents the Paladin Council down here.

Day 206, 384

Asilias is acting strange. He and D have been having private discussions up in the den - discussions that I have not been privy to. Asilias has ordered D to arrange for a very large glass box to be created and placed over the coffin. I am very confused by this action. He seems somewhat distracted by this work. I have decided to ignore his new job and study the other items in this room.

Day 210, 384

My findings indicated that the wall shield itself actually covers a doorway. While this obviously seems intentional, it's strange what is in the back room.

We have established that the burial chamber could be the real resting place of Emille. It is theorized that her father built this place and may have had a hand in hiding her body. But what could the chest, rack, and altar represent? Were these more of Emille's personal belongings? At this point, I am unable to answer these questions. The Paladin Council has requested that we depart and head back home. My work is not finished and I have asked D to keep me informed of any new discoveries. I have some overdue vacation coming up. I'm sure I could make another trip here.