Erianthe's Flowers

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Erianthe's Flowers
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Aesry Surlaenis'a
Map Ranik's Map 99
Owner Erianthe
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Florist shops, Perfume shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Erianthe's Flowers]
Stoneware pots and wicker baskets scattered throughout the shop hold fresh flowers, their delicate petals filling the room with a heady fragrance. Glass vials stacked on the window sill are used to extract the essential oils from herbs and flowers to make perfume. A sun-bleached workbench near the window holds an open catalog, as well as an assortment of wire and thread, and a half-completed etrana blossom wreath. You also see Erianthe and the spring room.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Flower Arrangements
Item Price Done
Comb 2,150   No
Circlet 500   !!
Crown 500   No
Wristlet 250   No
Necklace 350   No
Chain - (Neck Worn) 400   No
Wreath - (Neck Worn) 600   No
dream pillow 1,500   
flower preservative potion 2,000   
Page 2 - Perfumes and Colognes
Item Price Done
Pear-Shaped Amber Flask - Almond Blossom Cologne 5,000   No
Gold-Edged Cobalt Blue Vial - Etrana Blossom Perfume 40,000   No
Gold-Swirled Cranberry Glass Vial - Jes-rose Perfume 25,000   No
Silver-Edged Crystal Vial - Lavender Oil 10,000   No
Opalescent Glass Vial - Carnation Spice Cologne 8,000   No
Amber-stoppered Vial - Geshiloira Blossom Cologne 4,000   No
Available Designs
Customization for Floral Arrangements (with Additional cost)
  • Almagarus (+800)
  • Columbine (+800)
  • Flame rose (+1,000)
  • Jes-rose (+800)
  • Lepradria (+800)
  • White rose (+800)
  • Wood violet (+450)
  • Belladonna (+800)
  • Foxglove (+800)
  • Bellflower (+800)
  • Etrana (+800)
  • Honeysuckle (+800)
  • Lavender (+400)
  • Starflower (+800)
  • Wisteria (+800)
  • Monkshood (+800)
  • Nightshade (+800)

[Erianthe's Flowers, Spring Room]
The grey stone floor vibrates slightly underfoot, and the sound of running water burbles through a metal grate in the far corner. Quite a bit cooler than the rest of the shop, the walls of the spring room are lined with grey stone shelves on which elaborate flower arrangements are displayed in stoneware vases. You also see a small sign.

On the stone shelves
Item Price Done
beribboned wicker basket filled with white daisies and purple-tinged wyndblossoms 800   No
bouquet of deep purple lilacs and white starflowers interspersed with trailing feather ferns 1,750   
cascading bouquet of honeysuckle twined with curling white satin ribbons 2,400   No
dainty bouquet of deep purple almagarus blossoms nestled in a bed of soft river moss 1,750   No
dozen long-stemmed flame roses which glisten with tiny dewdrops 2,600   No
dozen pale pink Hodierna's Blush roses tied with silver-grey satin ribbons 2,000   
dozen white Therengian roses interspersed with feather fern fronds 2,400   
informal bouquet of white lilacs and golden tulips on a bed of cinnamon ferns 1,500   No
The arrangements on the shelf rotate.