Enescu's Herbs

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Enescu's Herbs
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Fayrin's Rest
Map Ranik's Map 64
Owner Enescu
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Herb shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Telgi Mod'Sunhin, Enescu's Herbs]
The sagging shelves of this hut are lined with dingy, filth-caked bottles filled with things of indeterminate color, size and shape. Dust balls skid along the splintered floor dizzily. A sputtering fire in a small brazier lends just enough light to the room to make any sensible person wish for complete darkness. You also see the herbalist Enescu, an overturned straw basket with an herbal catalog on it, and a chopping table.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Medications for External Wounds
Item Price Done
Jadice flower 586   
Plovik leaf 586   
Nilos salve 586   
Hulnik grass 586   
Nemoih root 631   
Georin salve 631   
Sufil sap 631   
Page 2 - Medications for Internal Wounds
Item Price Done
Yelith root 676   
Ithor potion 676   
Muljin sap 676   
Junliar stem 676   
Blocil potion 676   
Riolur leaf 721