Perfect Percussion (3)

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Perfect Percussion
Event Taisidon Safari 417, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Music shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Perfect Percussion]
Perfectly curved walls and a taut semi-translucent patched hide ceiling give the impression of being in the interior of a large drum. Percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes hang around the walls in a random pattern, each placed where space is available. A lightly cushioned display table stands opposite the exit, covered with wares for sale. You also see a driftwood bench with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the cushioned display table
Item Price Done
burnished copper stamping stick engraved with twining serpents 5,250   
small gold-edged azurelle bodhran 89,278   
paguur skull damaru with cabochon seastar tourmaline 90,905   
glossy bocote temple drum 5,000   
carved durian shaman's drum adorned with Taisidonian pearls 15,000   
brightly painted ritual eucalyptus wood drum 5,000   
heliodor-tipped bear bones 67,806   
amber-tipped drake bones 170,056   
palladium-tipped bull bones 5,423   
polished zingana half-moon tambourine adorned with carved ambergris zils 160,500   
piranha skin doumbec 2,100   
clam shell castanets secured together with thin wires of purple gold 233,000   
polished mangrove tapani laced with satiny red cord 2,200   
carved remeka gansa-gambang 25,000   
On the driftwood bench
Item Price Done
eucalyptus drum stick 1,329   
bocote drum stick 6,200   
durian drum stick 6,200   
polished mangrove wood hammer with a white silk-wrapped grip 8,000   
azurelle tipper 96,260