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Dispenser Rules

Raffle Details
You can SHOP and purchase an origami "ticket" from any dispenser. The ticket's noun is aligned to the grand prize from that dispenser. You can purchase as many tickets as you wish from all dispensers during the course of the event. Each ticket purchased will increase your odds of winning that dispenser's random draw.

Toward the end of the event, all dispenser ticket sales will stop. After that, TWO winners will be selected from EACH dispenser and they will BOTH win a copy of the grand prize. Winner 1 and Winner 2 will be selected in the following manner:

Winner 1 will be the player with the highest individual ticket total from that dispenser. In the case of a tie, there will be a random drawing for just those individuals. Winner 1's tickets will then be removed from the pool.

Winner 2 will be drawn at random from the entire remaining pool of tickets purchased from that dispenser. You do not need to be present or even logged in at the time of this drawing to be selected as Winner 2.

If you do not win a grand prize from an individual dispenser, then all of your tickets purchased from that dispenser will instead count toward a memory orb prize which will gain 25% drain per ticket you purchased. This singular memory orb prize is created based on all tickets purchased across all dispensers from this event, excluding any dispenser you win a grand prize from.


  • 1 ticket = 25%; 1 use at 25% drain
  • 2 tickets = 50%; 1 use at 50% drain
  • 3 tickets = 75%; 1 use at 75% drain
  • 4 tickets = 100%; 1 use at 100% drain
  • 5 tickets = 125%; 1 use at 100% drain and 1 use 25% drain
  • 14 tickets = 350%; 3 uses at 100% drain and 1 use at 50% drain
  • 52 tickets = 1300%; 13 uses at 100% drain
  • 143 tickets = 3575%; 35 uses at 100% drain and 1 use at 75% drain

The memory orb can be activated to immediately drain field experience into ranks. The orb will always try to drain 100% when activated, and it will not be destroyed until the balance is completely used up. There is a 100-minute cooldown between using 100% drain across any combination of memory orbs. The orb will be unaligned at first, and you can TURN it to a specific skill of your choosing before its first use. After you select the skill for the orb it will remain aligned to that skill and cannot be changed again.

The memory orb prize can be retrieved using the CLAIM MEMORYORB command, which will be set up and available within 24 hours of the grand prize drawings. We will post here again when the updated CLAIM MEMORYORB is available after the event.

You can read the ledger on each dispenser throughout the event to see current ticket totals for that dispenser.

Raffle Dispensers

An IMPORTANT NOTICE pinned to the walls reads:

"The Owirvald Auction Company proudly presents a chance to obtain rare and wonderous treasure! An unlimited number of origami tickets can be purchased from all dispensers, each one improving your odds at a grand prize or growing your memory orb prize! You can read each dispenser for more details.
Zoluren dispenser
Item Price Done
intricately complex origami replica of Zoluren - contains an Imperial weave backpack set with an etched burning goldfyre medallion, an imposing asharsh'dai greatsword with majestic Zoluren white sapphire inlay, a ceremonial asharsh'dai hauberk graced with a Zoluren white sapphire gladiolus, and an engraved asharsh'dai medallion 5   
Therengia dispenser
Item Price Done
intricately complex origami replica of Therengia - contains an Imperial weave saddlebag set with an etched wuthering goldfyre medallion, a formidable dawnfire steel double axe gleaming atop a towering haft of stormwood, an encasing bulwark of dawnfire steel plate etched in glowing truegold holy icons, and an engraved dawnfire steel medallion 5   
Ilithi dispenser
Item Price Done
intricately complex origami replica of Ilithi - contains an Imperial weave satchel set with an etched electrified goldfyre medallion, a coruscating battle bow of imaginatively lifesculpted Firulfian crystal spires, a form-fitting chaosknit hauberk ritualistically strung with frozen-bone idols, and an engraved Firulfian crystal medallion 5   
Qi'Reshalia dispenser
Item Price Done
intricately complex origami replica of Qi'Reshalia - contains an Imperial weave carryall set with an etched flooded goldfyre medallion, a shadowbark and abyssium siege arbalest bearing shifting whorls of tidal flows, some salt-stained shadowleaf leathers set with dreadful kraken-beak epaulets, and an engraved abyssium medallion 5   
Forfedhdar dispenser
Item Price Done
intricately complex origami replica of Forfedhdar - contains an Imperial weave rucksack set with an etched fracturing goldfyre medallion, a monstrous star-kissed kertig maul, a savage mammoth-bone hauberk barbarically swathed in fleshy tatters of sianedra, and an engraved star-kissed kertig medallion 5   

Raffles and Winners

The live drawing will occur at approximately 8:30pm (Prime), 8:45pm (Plat), and 9pm (TF) ET on Sunday, March 26th.

Prize Prime Platinum The Fallen
Shadow Edge of Zoluren Set Lothorel (156) Micheli (2) Applecakes (65) Vordon (60)
Tempest Wall of Therengia Set Kalsyra (187) Micheli (2) Vordon (35) Kayki (10)
Lightning Shot of Ilithi Set Kalsyra (300) Quinlon (82) Kateryin (16) Uzmam (5)
Siege Bringer of Qi'Reshalia Set Imroth (218) Khearkrash (206) Vordon (60) Kayki (40) Shroom (10)
Blood Crusher of Forfedhdar Set Malkien (61) Verakas (14) Kayki (45) Vordon (35)

Raffle Dispenser Syntax

  • BUY <PRIZENAME>: Purchases a single raffle ticket to the specified item's drawing.
A nearby clerk snatches back the origami <PrizeName> and says, "Oh, no need to hang on to that. We'll handle all the paperwork. See here?" He holds up a ledger for you to see and points at a line with your name. "We've got you covered."
You decide to purchase the <PrizeName>, and pay the sales clerk 5 indicia.
The clerk hands you your ticket.
You can TURN LEDGER to see additional pages. As a matter of manners for others, you'll automatically turn back to the beginning upon READing the last page with information.
Reads the total raffle ticket purchase history for the specified raffle dispenser.
For raffle prize and memory orb information related below:

To claim your raffle consolation prize memory orb(s):