Dragon Priest War I

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The first Dragon Priest War was started approximately 203 BL when the Dragon Priests first invaded mountain villages in Ilithi. The forces were led by the S'Kra Mur Dzree. This is the war referred to in most history books. This successful war swept through almost all of known Elanthia, from Ilithi to northern Therengia and even to the Qi Archipelago. Victory led to the establishment of the Dragon Priest Empire, which reigned from approximately 193 BL until year 1 BL, ending with the death of the Dragon Priest leader Dzree.

Notable Book References

Kalag's Memoirs, Part 2 (book) Thieves Guild defends Crossing
Elothean Studies (book) Shard Capture and rise of Ferdahl Alec
The History of the Warrior Mage Guild, Volume 2 (book) Defense of Surlaenis and final defeat of Dragon Priests
The History of Dertalriosh Endaertheala (book) Detailed account of the burning of Shard
Northern Customs (book) Conquering of Therengia
A History of Hvaral (book) Therengian-Kwarlogian alliance to defeat the Dragon Priests

A Tale of HighHold (book)

"Not too long after the fall of the Seven Star Empire, a new Empire rose to prominence in Kermoria: the Empire of the Dragon. Under the leadership of Dzree, the Dragon Priests cut a bloody swath across the continent, conquering each land."