Dragon's Horde

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The Dragon's Horde
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1c
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Housing shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops, Toy shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

Note: This shop requires a 6 years (72 months) of consecutive time as Premium to enter.

Front Room

[The Dragon's Horde, Front Room]
Intricately designed woven rugs line the floor of this spacious area. Scents of jasmine and rose float through the air from candles lit on tall candelabras. Highly polished counters and gilt inlaid racks hold various items for purchase with attentive clerks ready to assist those in need. You also see a tall ornate wardrobe and a tent flap leading out.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

In the ornate wardrobe
Item Price Done
sleeveless gown of shimmering white gossamer with a plunging neckline 162,500   !!
softly flowing gown of rich ebony spidersilk with a tightly-laced leather bodice 100,000   !!
dark amber gown of fine silk laced at the hips with golden ribbons 43,750   !!
off-the-shoulder gown of pale golden velvet trimmed in white ermine 37,500   !!
turquoise knit dress accented with beaded fringe 18,750   !!
On the ironwood counter
Item Price Done
dark suede weapons belt wrapped with shreds of leucro hide 15,625   !!
black leather weapons belt inlaid with ivory scrollwork 31,250   !!
ornate weapons belt studded with silver and gold coins 81,250   !!
braided thigh quiver of fine leather adorned with silver medallions 18,750   !!
dark suede thigh quiver wrapped with shreds of leucro hide 16,250   !!
sky blue thigh quiver embroidered with silvery stars and moons 18,750   !!
On the oak counter
Item Price Done
thick platinum band embedded with a huge draconic opal 143,750   !!
gold medallion studded with multicolored gems 33,750   !!
braided gold ring cradling tiny fire opals within its folds 31,250   !!
silver medallion etched with the image of a firefly 6,875   !!
platinum medallion displaying a sphere of blue glass in its center 72,500   !!
black onyx ring wrapped with platinum leaves 68,750   !!
On the gold inlaid rack
Item Price Done
pirate pinata wearing a red sash 3,750   !!
spider pinata with bright red beady eyes 3,750   !!
golden egg pinata with a chick peeking out the top 3,750   !!
On the silver inlaid rack
Item Price Done
jade green dragon pinata with fiery golden eyes 3,750   !!
black maned horse pinata with silver hooves 3,750   !!
star-shaped sapphire pinata dangling with multicolored ribbons 3,750   !!

Hunter's Room

[The Dragon's Horde, Hunter's Room]
Polished armor gleams on tables of yew and oak, with edged weapons and bows carefully displayed on heavy pine racks. The smell of new leather and fragrant candles mix with the scents of the pungent shoppers that often come to glance at the merchandise. You also see a cloak stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southeast.

On the cloak stand
Item Price Done
chestnut cashmere hooded cloak lined with soft dark sable 25,000   !!
emerald green hooded cloak trimmed in silvery embroidery 12,500   !!
hooded cloak of brown suede clasped with a bronze wolf-shaped medallion 25,000   !!
long black hooded cloak fastened with a dragon-shaped pewter clasp 25,000   !!
On the dark pine rack
Item Price Done
serrated-edged bastard sword with an engraved steel pommel 218,750   !!!!
leather-wrapped bastard sword with a gleaming dark blade 200,000   !!!!
steel bastard sword with a jade-inlaid hilt resembling a flying dragon 62,500   !!!!
On the light pine rack
Item Price Done
curved scimitar with a jade leather-wrapped hilt 12,500   !!!!
gleaming short sword with an onyx inlaid pommel 10,000   !!!!
polished ironwood short bow with intricate engravings 17,750   !!!!
Elven longsword with a steelsilk-wrapped hilt 15,000   !!!!
On the yew table
Item Price Done
silver hauberk polished to a sleek shine 37,500   !!!!
fine chainmail armor lined in steelsilk 31,250   
field plate armor inlaid with an ornate gold sun design 170,000   !!!!
On the oak table
Item Price Done
black leather armor embossed with a fiery red dragon 50,000   !!!!
misty grey hunters trimmed in delicate white dove feathers 20,000   !!!!
supple dark leathers adorned with bronze studs shaped like horses hooves 17,500   !!!!

Furniture Palace

[The Dragon's Horde, Furniture Palace]
Wooly rugs and ornate tapestries accent pieces of fine furniture that are orderly placed throughout the room. Some clerks, wearing bright colorful smocks, assist shoppers with purchases while others wield cleaning rags and battle the dust that finds its way in.
Obvious exits: southwest.

Item Price Done
1. a tall oak bar stool - set of 4 12,000   !!
2. a huge mirrored oak bar - general storage 120,000   !!
3. a carved ironwood chair - set of 4 15,000   !!
4. a colorful curved armchair - set of 4 40,000   !!
5. a large circular willow bed - bed 150,000   !!
6. an antique rosewood canopy bed - bed 300,000   !!
7. a dark silk-covered bed - bed 250,000   !!
8. a huge iron and stone hearth - fire 800,000   !!