Item:Emerald green hooded cloak trimmed in silvery embroidery

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emerald green hooded cloak trimmed in silvery embroidery
Look: Leaves in shades of silver and bronze grace the trim of this voluminous cloak. The clasp resembles an oak tree with its spreading branches bearing leaves crafted of gold, silver, bronze and platinum. Its thick, emerald green wool is lined in matching silk, which bears a tag that reads, "Designed by Countess Vanassa for those discriminating hunters."
Weight: 50 stones
Appraised Cost: 125,000 Kronars
100,000 Lirums
90,200 Dokoras
125 LTBpoints
125 Tickets
125 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is a container or has pockets.
  • This item is worn in the shoulders slot.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
  • This item can hide the wearer's features or worn items.
Capacity: 3 length x 3 width x 3 height (200 stones)
Sources: Source is Dragon's Horde


  • TURN:You pull your cloak's hood up to conceal your features.
  • TURN:You pull down your cloak's hood, revealing your features.
  • THROW:You flip your hooded cloak over your shoulders.
  • PULL:You draw your hooded cloak away from your hips.
  • NUDGE:You rearrange the folds of your hooded cloak.
  • RUB:You brush your hand against your hooded cloak.