Divine Rialto

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Divine Rialto
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 91
Owner Veraclese
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Cleric shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Oracle Veraclese, Divine Rialto]
This quaint shop run by the Oracle Veraclese specializes in items for the holy and the devout. Artifacts and other holy items are placed neatly on shelves made of frosted crystal. A soft glow comes from the candles placed in alcoves on the opposite wall. The stained glass windows look out onto the street, revealing the night sky. A saintly looking Gor'tog woman moves about quietly, neatly stacking items onto their appropriate shelves. You also see the Oracle Veraclese, a multi-colored beaded curtain, and a marble counter with a black leather-bound catalog on it.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Clerical Needs
Item Price Done
chamomile 50   
lavender 30   
incense 50   !!
holy oil 1,000   
altar candle 120   
mobar blood 4,200   
small grey-brown feather 30   
blue-grey plume feather 75   
Page 2 - Holy Receptacles
Item Price Done
silver vial 300   
gold chalice 3,500   
crystal bottle 200   !!
Page 3 - Holy Items
Item Price Done
silver censer 450   
sacramental wine 100   
holy scepter 1,150   
Page 4 - Devotional Items
Item Price Done
dream candle 1,500   !!

[Divine Rialto, Odds and Ends]
The back room of the Rialto caters to the fashion tastes of all who have money to spend. Knick-knacks and other inexpensive items are sold here, as well as some highly fashionable vestments. Mannequins neatly line the back wall and are adorned with fashions available for immediate purchase. You also see a multi-colored beaded curtain, an exquisite mahogany wardrobe, and a frosted crystal counter with some stuff on it.

On the crystal counter
Item Price Done
Crystal vial etched with the crest of the Cleric guild 4,000   No
Gold vial encrusted with crushed emeralds 13,000   No
Seafoam leather boots with dolphin-shaped jade charms 7,500   
Black suede boots with tiny scorpion-shaped rubies 12,000   No
Black leather boots with the crest of the Cleric Guild stitched in golden silk thread 7,000   No
Blue leather boots with the crest of the Cleric Guild stitched in golden silk thread 7,000   No
White doeskin boots with tiny wolf-shaped onyx charms 5,250   No
On the porcelain mannequin
Item Price Done
Ivory prayer beads with a golden unicorn charm 6,250   
Onyx prayer beads with a golden scorpion charm 4,750   
Turquoise prayer beads with a leaping dolphin-shaped jade charm 5,000   !!