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Diirik Dareanith
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Ilithi
Associates: Mirel, Kukalakai

The late Ferdahl Kukalakai introduced Diirik as her "eyes and ears". He was engaged to Lady Mirel of Aesry, sister of Kirew (as of 5/15/03).

In some circles there is speculation that if there was such a person or house, Diirik would be the Melyo Rensh'a, leader of the House of the All-Seeing Eye.

Excerpt from the book Elothean Studies -- "It is even suggested that there is actually a fourth member of the Ferdahl's council of commanders -- that the Three are actually a Four -- and that he or she is called simply the Melyo Rensh'a (Eye of the People)."


You see Vaerikloa Diirik Dareanith, an Elothean.
He has tilted almond-shaped silver eyes. His black hair is shoulder length and fine, and is worn tied back. He has pale skin.
He is venerable for an Elothean.
He has a scruffy growth of stubble on his face.

He is wearing a small pack crafted from leather-lined silk, a leather sheath, a simple gold ring inlaid with silver and set with a carved ruby, an elaborately embroidered layered silk robe of vivid crimson over jet black belted with a twice-wrapped sash, a pair of flowing black silk pants and some flat-soled woven silk shoes.