Danduwen Forest Housing

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Danduwen Forest Housing
Location: Langenfirth, Therengia (RanikMap41)
Class / Type: Upper / Rural
Restrictions: None
Justice: None
Form: Tree
Homes (Free): 6 (0)
Last Checked: 13 July 2020

Danduwen Forest.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Danduwen Forest - 1 Upper Class, Rural Lileath ancient eucalyptus tree shrouded in hundreds of faesoul blossoms strung upon shadowleaf netting
Danduwen Forest - 2 Upper Class, Rural Wulftooth weeping willow tree
Danduwen Forest - 2 Upper Class, Rural Rirsti tall acanth tree with a murder of crows secreted among its branches
Danduwen Forest - 3 Upper Class, Rural Jerecko contorted black deobar tree with a couple of thorny bird's homes nestled within its branches
Danduwen Forest - 4 Upper Class, Rural Darkhellegur tall chestnut tree with lush twining ivy winding up the trunk
Beech Grove - 5 Upper Class, Rural Catleena towering white beech tree