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These Maker marks were given during special events for use in the old Forging system. Proud owners of the old stamps are able to get a duplicate made for the new system by ORDER COMPLEX MARK from a mark vendor (in the Forging Society Halls). These stamps are usable in all of the systems, and should be duplicates of the old mark you had.

For marks created for the new Forging system, see the Custom Maker's Marks (new) page.

Legacy Weaponsmithing Marks

Smith Mark (Impressed into the metal)
Airaman is the image of a panther paw crossed by two katars. Encircling the design are the words, "Son of Damaris".
Barimor is the image of two sinuous vipers entwined about a massive greatsword.
Blazzon is the image of a dragon perched on a mountain, breathing fire in the shape of the initials "B.Q."
Camiella is the image of a setting sun glinting over the ocean, with the words, "Grace And Beauty" encircling the design.
Chrystian is the image of a sinuous serpent with glinting eyes, encircled by the words "Chrystian Bondurant".
Dimitrus is the image of a feral wolf stalking confidently, superimposed over a pair of crossed swords. Stamped in a circle around the design is the name, "Dimitrus Northwynd".
Domineer is the image of a claymore crossed with a mace grasped in large hands. Encircling the design in tiny imprinted letters is the name, "Domineer".
Drevid is the image of a rampant bear over the name "Drevid" in bold lettering.
Dullen is the image of a hammer-wielding blacksmith beside a broken anvil. Encircling the design, bold lettering spells out the name "Dullen".
Edgee is the image of a panther paw pierced with an arrow. Encircling the design are the words, "Son of Damaris".
Grezzler is the image of an axe crossed with a hammer before the silhouette of a raven, which clasps the initials "G.F." in it's talons.
Grungy is the image of a Dwarven figure cleaving the toe from a giant foot. Encircling the design, diminutive lettering reads, "Death from below!"
Gurt is the image of a cracked skull with a blade protruding from the eye socket.
Ironjonn is the image of a hand grasping a half-empty ale glass. Surrounding the design is tiny lettering spelling out the name, "Barbarian Ironjonn".
Khafka(?) is the image of a double-bladed axe with the initials "K.F." centered on each blade, and bold letters reading "Tooth of Trothfang" encircling the design.
Killien is the image of a tri-masted schooner with a hammer and anvil depicted on the main sail.
Lafitus is the image of a plump, hammer-wielding drake breathing flames that envelope his anvil and unfinished blade.
Lundgaard is the image of a celpeze eye impaled on a serrated hook, ringed by the name Lundgaard Waering.
Magdar is the image of a raven hovering over an anvil and holding a hammer and tongs in its claws.
Mendasity is the image of a hammer and anvil surrounded by bold letters spelling out the name, "Mendasity".
Parran is the image of a grinning frog perched on the flat side of a blade, over the initials "P.A."
Pendus is the image of a looming dragon, its talons grasping a broadsword and a mattock.
Poshly is the image of a dragon coiled around an anvil within a ring of tiny lettering reading, "Thaiger Diluger Poshly".
Railz is the image of two crossed scimitars entangled with a short bow, over the word "Stumpy" in bold letters.
Rikulf are the initials "R.K." encircled by a band of diminutive lettering which reads, "No quarter asked - none given."
Rufhelous is the image of an enormous Gor'Tog pounding a blade, encircled by the words "Rufhelous Tusksmasher."
Ruhrik is the image of a raven with outspread wings above a craggy mountain bearing the initials "R.B."
Sleigher is the image of a sleigh with razor-edged running blades.
Ternith is a hulking mountain surrounded with the words Ironfang Weapon Works.
Tzaar is some boldly simple lettering that reads, "Fine Implements of Destruction, by Tzaar."
Ulfsisk is the image of a cracked skull inside a coiled dragon with the initials U M-D stamped between its broken teeth.
Valumn is the image of a clawed hand clutching a sword under the severed head of a sea serpent.
Veldehar is the image of a snarling snow leopard which appears to be stalking its own tail around the stylized intials, "V.E."
Vibrato is the image of a rampaging peccary before an erupting volcano. Surrounding the design in diminutive lettering are the words, "Elothean Pigsmasher".
Volvolee is a triangle within a circle with the initials "V.C." superimposed over the design. Tiny lettering encircling the image reads, "Made in Mer'Kresh."
Xiaa is the image of a slumbering dragon encircling tiny letters spelling out the nickname, "Warrior Princess".
Xixist is the image of a slender, sleepy-eyed salamander writhing about the inscription, "X marks the spot".

Origin: Olwydd's

Legacy Armorsmithing Marks

Smith Mark (Riveted to the metal is a small)
Amberre copper plaque depicting two regal lionesses protectively flanking elegant letters that spell out the name, "Amberre."
Ellsdragon copper plaque depicting a hammer and sword crossed over a shield, with a wilting rose lying at the base.
Lennon copper plaque depicting a shield crossed with a longsword overlaying a field of thirteen stars. Encircling the design are the words, "Many Faces - One God."
Relayer copper plaque depicting a lion and a panther encircled by a ring of leaping dolphins.
Ruslip copper plaque depicting a regal lion, its head raised in defiance, encircled by lettering that reads, "Excellent Armor, by Ruslip."
Taghz steel plaque depicting a dragon trapped within a sphere of fire.

Source: Olwydd's