Crossing Paladin Guild Dormitory

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Paladin Guild Dormitory
Location: Crossing, Zoluren (RanikMap1)
Class / Type: Middle / Urban
Restrictions: Paladin, Circle to access Promenade Homes
Justice: City
Form: Door, Free
Homes (Free): 10 (6)
Last Checked: 29 Jul 2018
Paladin Guild - Housing.gif
Location Category Owner Appearance
Paladins' Guild, Barracks - 1 Middle Class Radagaste slender lancet arch splattered with suspicious dark red stains
Paladins' Guild, Barracks - 2 Middle Class Smick laurelwood door
Paladins' Guild, Barracks - 3 Middle Class Raulthan teak door
Paladins' Guild, Barracks - 4 Middle Class Vaedan mahogany door
Holy Warrior's Promenade - 5 Middle Class Unclaimed hickory frame cottage
Holy Warrior's Promenade - 6 Middle Class Unclaimed red-shuttered cottage
Holy Warrior's Promenade - 6 Middle Class Unclaimed white stucco cottage
Holy Warrior's Promenade - 7 Middle Class Unclaimed blue block house
Holy Warrior's Promenade - 8 Middle Class Unclaimed red brick home
Holy Warrior's Promenade - 9 Middle Class Unclaimed cedar frame house