Item:Exquisite lava samite odaj

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Incomplete Item
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exquisite lava samite odaj
Look: Tailored to drape the wearer in supple folds, this luxurious Rakash-style sleeveless robe is woven with metallic threads in various shades of yellow and red gold. When light hits just right, the precious metal reflects it in such a way as to cause an illusion of molten lava streams burning their way across the material's surface. Wide clasps of polished orichalcum gather the pleats along either shoulder, each set with molten-core diamonds.
Weight: Unknown
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Special Properties:
  • This item is a container or has pockets.
  • This item is worn in the shirt (with armor) slot.
  • This item is styled or has special functions for Rakash.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Capacity: ? length x ? width x ? height (? stones)
Sources: Source is Comfortable Rakash (3), Comfortable Rakash (2), Comfortable Rakash (1)