Cleric Guildhall (Muspar'i)

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This Cleric Guildhall is found in the northern part of Muspar'i along the Street of Priests. The Guildleader for this location is Anctarcarim. In addition to Guild services, this building has a library and an Acolyte to assist with divorces.

Ganen Eliza, or Bitter Temple in Ilithic, is a temple dedicated to Be'ort and home of the Cleric Guild in Muspar'i. Priestess Vhastey runs the local Cleric shop.

[Ganen Eliza, Entryway]
Light filters in through miniscule shafts in the sandstone walls, providing dim illumination by which the entry chamber can be navigated. The narrow hall affords little more space than is needed to walk through into the deeper sections of the temple, with rows of benches on either wall only further discouraging loiterers. What the room lacks in width is made up for by its height; the smooth walls gradually come together high above at an acute angle, the uppermost point shrouded in shadow.
Obvious exits: north, out.

[Ganen Eliza, Vestibule]
Smooth walls curve gently around the perimeter of the room, forming a modestly spacious conical chamber with a high, vaulted ceiling. A small bargate statue of abstract design stands beneath a brass lantern -- the obvious centerpiece of the area -- the tilework pattern on the floor outlining a walkway that circumnavigates the sculpture. Following the contour of the wall, the path branches out to the north, east and south through narrow hallways.
Obvious exits: north, east, south.

[Ganen Eliza, Library]
A pedestal at the center of the room supports a trio of brass oil lamps, whose frail light is solely responsible for providing enough illumination to read. Woven from long reeds, a pale carpet stretches across the floor between the bare, sandstone walls, dampening sound and reflecting the flickering flames above. Rows of deep shelves are occupied by numerous volumes and grimoires, all attended to and arranged meticulously by the elderly monk seated behind a long, oak desk.
You also see a sign.
Obvious exits: south.


Use the Call Letters of a book to get it (GET <Call Letter>).  Look on the shelves for a complete listing of books available in this library and their call letters.  Each Call Letter is composed of the book's category, followed by the author's initials, and finally the title's initials.

The book categories are:
Instructional (abbr. I): Books that teach how to do things.
Fiction and Folklore (abbr. F): traditional stories or tales invented for entertainment.
Contemporary and Historic Accounts (abbr. H)
Myth and Religion (abbr. M)
Reference (abbr. R)
Biography (abbr. B): the life of an individual person.
Performance Art (abbr. P): songs, plays, ballads, poems, and the like.

You are granted use of our books (READ), but please refrain from damaging or marking them in any way.  Please do not read a book while bleeding, because you will NOT be able to tend your wounds, and you may die.  If you die, you will not be able to be dragged out.  Please return all books (DROP) before leaving.

[Ganen Eliza, Hallway]
Curving around the perimeter of the temple in a wide arc, the narrow hallway is hedged in by a row of thick columns. Two burning torches rest on the wall in the quiet corner beyond. The stone pillars stand just wide enough apart to allow narrow shafts of pale light into the corridor, dividing the darkness and further enshrouding the unlit portions of the path in seclusion.
You also see an acolyte.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, west.

  • The acolyte can help with divorces.

[Ganen Eliza, Quiet Corner]
Rough sandstone walls and a feeble wooden bench function as the most comfort this desolate sanctuary can offer, eerily characteristic of its patron. The flickering torches attempt to reach beyond to the east and south, blocked largely by the stone pillars that separate the area from the corridor.
You also see a cellar door.
Obvious exits: east, south.

  • The door is Cleric-only.

[Ganen Eliza, Hallway]
Large, stone pillars separate the cramped hallway from a quiet nook in which two torches quietly burn. The radiance of the flickering flames reaches feebly out between the columns, unsuccessful in its task of illuminating the shadowed passage and managing only to subdivide the area into corridors of pale light and pools of tenebrous shadow.
Obvious exits: north, southwest, west.

[Ganen Eliza, Somber Chapel]
Standing at the center of the oblong chamber that yawns from northwest to south, brass candelabras festooned with desert-thistle wreaths surround a low altar of carved quartz. A fine crack runs diagonally through the glossy stone, splitting it neatly in half, though the two segments remain pressed together. Ghostly tallow candles -- the only permanent light source for the small room -- burn atop their respective perches, working desperately to illumine the paintings that line the curving walls.
Obvious exits: south, northwest.

[Ganen Eliza, Guildleader's Alcove]
A musty odor of still air and dust envelops the room, made all the more poignant by the quiet of the desert night. Resting on the arm of an oak-framed settee, a tarnished silver oil lamp casts the glow of its dancing flame out in all directions. The frame of a stained-glass window looms overhead, glinting in the meager light like some odd skeletal guardian. A creased, calligraphic vellum has been attached to a plaque on the wall.
You also see the cleric leader Anctarcarim and a pair of pure white coyotes.
Obvious exits: southeast.