Cleric Shop (Muspar'i)

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Cleric Shop
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47a
Owner Vhastey
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Cleric shops, Container shops, Magic shops, Miscellaneous shops, S'Kra Mur shops, Weapon shops
Restrictions Cleric
This store only accepts Lirums

[Cleric Shop, Showroom]
A pair of tiny windows in the vaulted ceiling far overhead capture every errant breeze, transforming the hollow of the building into the bell of a great stone whistle. Low thrumming notes resonate through the chamber and out onto the cobblestone street, carried on the back of swooping gusts that cause the wares on a pair of heavy wrought-iron tables to quiver.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wrought-iron table
Item Price Done
simple bone vial 329   !!
glass vial etched with desert roses 1,300   !!
white ceramic vial 978   !!
wood shaper fashioned from a yeehar bone plate 3,630   
bronze carving knife acid-etched with coyotes 5,776   
bone-bladed carving knife with a silk-wrapped handle 2,012   
On the blue rack (which is on a heavy wrought-iron table)
Item Price Done
bead carver's wallet with tiny ebony studs 6,600   !!
bead carver's wallet with tiny onyx studs 8,800   !!
bead carver's wallet with tiny oak studs 4,400   !!
bead carver's wallet with tiny crystal studs 11,000   !!
bead carver's wallet with tiny wood studs 1,650   !!
In the oak box (which is on a heavy wrought-iron table)
Item Price Done
empty dark platinum prayer bead chain 5,000   !!
empty twisted gold prayer bead chain 5,000   !!
On the silver tray (which is on a heavy wrought-iron table)
Item Price Done
dull brown feather 991   !!
pale silver feather 10,212   !!
dark green feather 3,021   !!
On the wrought-iron table
Item Price Done
bread basket 690   !!
stick of yellow incense 125   !!
holy oil 653   !!
bag of sage 23   
carved bone chalice inset with copper bands 650   !!
mobar blood 1,701   !!
burgundy wine 1,099   !!
white tallow candle 512   !!
sturdy coffer scrawled with images of howling coyotes 470   !!
small bottle with a silvery cord 1,367   !!
hammered bronze censer 301   !!

[Ganen Eliza, Cellar]
The walls of the dark, windowless basement are comprised of large sandstone blocks, their age apparent in their crumbling surfaces. A rough floor spreads out beneath an arrangement of wooden tables which play host to the exclusive wares, kept out of the reach of the public. At the far end of the chamber, a cellar door allows entrance into the Guild beyond.

Restricted to Clerics. Reached via the cellar door in the Ganen Eliza or the steps behind the crimson scale curtain in the showroom.

On the bell stand
Item Price Done
eggshell Rasirhh bell with pale taupe tracery 90,729   !!
ultramarine Maloidu bell marked with large gold cracks 79,952   !!
saffron Maloidu bell with tiny cracks around the edge 72,329   !!
carnelian Maloidu bell covered in tiny fracture lines 67,549   !!
viridian Maloidu bell with several curved cracks 50,112   !!
About Rasirhh and Maloidu
On the wooden tables
Item Price Done
cambrinth coyote statue with diamond-dust fur 127,563   !!
round glass fishbowl inlaid with detailed cambrinth tracery 77,128   !!
worn cambrinth-bound volume of "The Immortals" 90,512   
cambrinth sirese flower with aquamarine petals 12,924   !!
cambrinth Be'ort tear rose 43,927   !!
cambrinth Saemaus' kiss rose 59,212   !!
cambrinth plume feather inset with lapis lazuli and onyx 15,731   !!