City Togs

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City Togs
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 30
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Wedding shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[City Togs, Sales Room]
Kaldar and Gor'Tog men and women browse the mannequins on display in the small shop, each of which features an outfit designed for the larger races of the land. Warm gold and natural hues predominate, though silver accents are also visible. You also see a wood-framed glass door and a narrow hallway.
Obvious exits: none.

On the golden oak mannequin
Item Price Done
beaded kidskin slippers with stacked heels 4,000   No
tawny gold silk jacquard gown with onyx beading along the neckline 38,000   No
heavy gold thumb ring set with an intaglio onyx lion's head 7,390   No
lightweight emerald gauze coat clasped by a twisted gold chain 35,200   
On the blue rattan mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of slouched tawny gold kidskin boots 4,800   No
fitted ivory suede leggings with decorative lacing 2,400   No
knee-length amber gauze coat with a carved oak leaf clasp 5,500   No
rich blue velvet tunic slashed to reveal an amber silk lining 7,500   No
hammered gold diadem with a dangling garnet teardrop 22,350   No
On the green wicker mannequin
Item Price Done
enveloping tea-dyed cashmere shawl embroidered with swirls of autumn leaves 4,850   No
calf-length coral silk tunic with an amber-beaded neckline 22,000   No
heavy hammered gold wristcuff 15,000   No
pair of pleated duponi silk trousers 18,400   No
elaborately beaded slippers dyed a burnt-orange hue 800   No
On the red padded mannequin
Item Price Done
snowy white linen shirt with a lace-edged stock 1,500   
knee-length raw silk coat heavily embroidered with fighting dragons 45,000   No
dark maroon breeches with gold buckles 6,300   !!
pair of stacked-heel black boots with pointed toes 3,200   No
wine-red silk jacquard vest with elaborate gold filigree clasps 19,200   No
On the silver mesh mannequin
Item Price Done
segmented red gold collar set with irregular cabochon garnets 7,500   No
pair of highly polished brown riding boots 3,320   No
dark green knitted trousers with two rows of ivory buttons 2,500   No
full-sleeved ivory linen shirt 1,200   !!
light sage-green velvet tunic with padded shoulder rolls 4,800   No

Go Hallway

[City Togs, Storeroom]
Padded mannequins, shrouded in cheesecloth to keep off the dust, stand in the center of the storeroom. The fabric is pulled back to reveal bridal outfits. Boxes and trunks lie in neat piles around it, holding assorted garments not currently on display in the main salesroom. You also see a narrow hallway, an oiled cedar treasure chest and a cloak rack with some stuff on it.

In the wooden box
Item Price Done
pair of glossy black leather slippers with pointed toes 2,200   
pair of pumpkin satin slippers with high ebonwood heels 2,500   No
pair of amethyst silk slippers with silver-traced heels 3,500   No
pair of wine-red brocade slippers with dainty gold beadwork 2,500   No
pair of beaded green brocade slippers with filigree buckles 3,000   No
pair of pearl-beaded samite slippers with narrow heels 3,500   
pair of teal velvet slippers with beaded black lace rosettes 2,800   No
In the shagreen trunk
Item Price Done
burgundy velvet gown embroidered with seed pearls on the bodice 24,000   !!
full-sleeved amber linen gown with a pin-pleated skirt 8,500   !!
turquoise velvet gown with a pearl and malachite clasp 25,000   
simple bias-cut black silk dress with tiered golden chains beneath the bust 27,000   
bias-cut pumpkin silk gown with a creamy lace over-tunic 28,000   !!
On the padded mannequins
Item Price Done
formal cloth-of-silver wedding gown with an embroidered watteau train 70,000   !!
majestic cloth-of-gold wedding gown slashed to reveal a wine-red silk lining 50,000   No
In the treasure chest
Item Price Done
narrow gold collar inlaid with channel-set black diamonds 75,000   
hammered platinum collar wound with intricate emerald ivy leaves 196,000   !!
segmented red gold collar set with mermaid's tear sapphires 73,000   
burnished silver collar with dangling crystal bells 12,000   !!
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
white rabbit fur cloak with a sand-washed navy silk lining 29,000   
sleeveless deep blue lace over-robe with wide bands of velvet trim 24,000