Cithco - Log 7/28/2009

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This event log took place on 1 Ka'len (day 41) 395 and included information on Lyras, the corruption of the Great Barrier, the Claw of Tenemlor, and Prydaen culture by Cithco in Riverhaven.

Event Log

[Riverhaven, River Road East]
Also here: Court Advisor Wyndz, Thorn of the Rose Siobhannic, Eidola Cithco.

You see Eidola Cithco Slow-Rage of the Claw of Tenemlor, a Prydaen.
He has an angular face, slanted cat-slitted pink eyes, and a narrow nose. His white mane is very long and wavy, and is unkempt with a thin braid down each side of his face. His has white fur that is marred by many scars, a curving tail and a burly build. He is huge for a Prydaen.
He is a shadow-prowler for a Prydaen.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a bloody large sack, a leather sheath, a crude leather backpack, a leather shield, some leather gloves, full double leathers embossed with a white clawed hand clutching a bloodied heart, a leather mask, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a jadeite gwethdesuan.

Wyndz says to Siobhannic, "Greetings."
Siobhannic says, "Wyndz this is Slow to Rage."
Siobhannic says, "Slow to Rage this is Wyndz."
Wyndz curtsies to Cithco.
Cithco gazes at Wyndz.
Siobhannic says, "He is speaking of how Lyras passed the barrier."
Wyndz says, "I see."
Siobhannic says, "He said that those holding it failed and now Lyras holds it and only the dead can pass."
Antiquary Darkskye came through the eastern gate.
Cithco gazes at the eastern gate.
Darkskye says, "Nothing going on out there, been very quiet."
Darkskye smiles at Wyndz.
Cithco appears to be listening intently for something.
Siobhannic says, "But it seems I never ask the right questions so I thought you might have some."
Siobhannic smiles at Wyndz.
Wyndz says to Cithco, "I'm sorry if I'm short on words, I admittedly don't know alot about the Claw and was under the assumption that most didn't take too kindly to non Prydaen."
Wyndz says to Siobhannic, "You would know more about them than I would."
Cithco calmly says, "Too kindly upon furless."
Cithco ponders.
Siobhannic says, "I'm beginning to get the impression that prydaen whose faith is as strong as those that set the barrier must reconsecrate it and be bound to it for us to retake it and hold it. perhaps also rakash."
Cithco calmly says, "It is not that a thought of unkindness."
Cithco calmly says, "But, what they have done."
Wyndz says to Cithco, "It would be, to some. But those of other races are certainly entitled to their own thoughts on such matters."
Cithco nods.
Siobhannic asks, "But were there not furless involved in the creation of the barrier?"
Cithco calmly says, "I as not standing at the barrier with its creation."
Cithco calmly says, "My war had already started."
Siobhannic says, "I just have stories in books."
Wyndz asks Cithco, "Would you honor me with the pleasure of your company and a few questions then?"
Cithco calmly says, "You may ask them, but I may or may not answer them."
Wyndz gives a slight nod.
Wyndz says, "Very well."
Wyndz asks, "Is there no way to defeat her that you are aware of?"
Wyndz says, "I know it's probably a typical question from a rather simple person."
Cithco calmly says, "The death walkers will bring about her death, it is why they were created."
Wyndz gives a slight nod.
Siobhannic asks, "So we would basically just need to find a way to retake the barrier and hold it?"
Siobhannic says, "With it sealed, she could not get reinforced...."
Cithco calmly says, "You would need to destroy those whom hold it."
Siobhannic nods.
Siobhannic says, "That's a lot of undead."
Cithco calmly says, "For their faith is unquestioned."
Cithco calmly says, "Because there is nothing save Lyras for them."
Sharpshooter Enwah just arrived.
Cithco gazes at Enwah.
Cithco studies the faces around him.
Enwah bows to Cithco.
Cithco gets a large jug of murky water from inside his large sack.
Cithco takes a sip of his water.
Cithco puts his water in his large sack.
Enwah does an impressive backflip with a slight twist!
Enwah asks, "How you all doin?"
Siobhannic says, "I'm contemplating what will surly be my demise."
Enwah says, "Nice to meet youy Cithco."
Cithco gazes at Enwah.
Darkskye coughs.
Enwah says, "Sorry for my rudeness."
Enwah says, "I humbly apologize."
Siobhannic says, "Enway this is Slow to Rage. Slow to Rage, this is Enwah."
Cithco nods to Enwah.
Enwah bows to Cithco.
Enwah says, "Very nice to meet you sir."
Enwah snaps to attention and hails Cithco with a crisp hand salute.
Cithco calmly says, "Sir.. I am Eidola, I have no ranking of furless titles."
Enwah nods to Cithco.
Enwah says, "Alright then nice to meet you Eidola."
Cithco casually observes the area.
Enwah smiles at Cithco.
Cithco nods.
Cithco gazes at Wyndz.
Wyndz gazes at Cithco.
Cithco calmly says, "I had wondered if your questions were concluded."
Siobhannic asks, "The barrier was a creation of Tenemlor or of the three and the Rakash gods as well?"
Wyndz says to Cithco, "I asked if you would be able to help us defeat her."
Cithco gazes at Siobhannic.
Cithco calmly says, "As I said, I was not at the barrier when it was created."
Siobhannic whispers, "i think he is saying they will kill her we have to retake the barrier and kill all those holding it"
Siobhannic nods.
Cithco calmly says, "Perhaps Ra'Ulraye'lor would know of such."
Siobhannic asks, "Where is this person?"
Siobhannic says, "To retake it and hold it and reconsecrate it, we need to know."
Cithco calmly says, "She speaks with Tiatra of Lyras's power."
Siobhannic nods.
Cithco gazes at Wyndz.
Siobhannic asks, "In shard?"
Cithco calmly says, "As to if we will help."
Wyndz gazes at Cithco.
Cithco calmly says, "The death walkers are comitted to her death."
Siobhannic nods.
Cithco calmly says, "We did not battle her minions for the last four decades to only come to these lands and become.. lost."
Darkskye strokes his mustache in thoughtful contemplation.
Siobhannic nods.
Wyndz asks Cithco, "Is there a way that we might assist you in her defeat?"
Cithco calmly says, "Remove her minions."
Wyndz says, "They are endless."
Wyndz says, "Or so it would seem."
Siobhannic says, "I the barrier were retaken and closed to the undead then they would not be endless."
Darkskye says, "Or break their faith in Lyras."
Darkskye ponders.
Siobhannic nods to Darkskye.
Cithco calmly says, "And we five have battled those enless hordes for four decades while the lightwalkers and shadowwalkers came here and forgot us."
Cithco calmly says, "We have walked the deadlands."
Wyndz says, "I do not believe they forgot."
Cithco calmly says, "Forgot, or lost why they came here."
Wyndz asks Cithco, "And we do we not have what it takes to reform the barrier? Or would such a thing be impossible?"
Cithco calmly says, "The death walkers fate is tied up in Lyras."
Cithco calmly says, "Death-walker more that most."
Dissident Kraggur's group just arrived.

Also here: Sister Jaelia, Dissident Kraggur, Sharpshooter Enwah, Antiquary Darkskye, Thorn of the Rose Siobhannic, Eidola Cithco.

Wyndz nods politely to Jaelia.
Wyndz nods politely to Kraggur.
Cithco gazes at Kraggur.
Wyndz says, "Kraggur, Jaelia....this is Eidola."
Jaelia smiles at Cithco.
Cithco glances at Jaelia.
Kraggur nods politely to Cithco.
Wyndz quietly says to Cithco, "'Kraggur."
Siobhannic says, "He said that it fell because those linked to it lost their faith. so I would guess faith is going to be required."
Wyndz motions to Kraggur.
Cithco nods.
Kraggur says, "Greetins 'n well met, Eidola."
Wyndz quietly say to Cithco, "'Jaelia."
Wyndz motion to Jaelia.
Jaelia says, "I am honored. Tenemlor sends me many visions I find very comforting."
Cithco gazes at Jaelia.
Jaelia says, "I wish to honor her."
Jaelia says, "I do not know much of how this is done. I wish for us to have a Vigil for her."
Cithco calmly says, "I am suprised Tenemlor would deem to send a furless visions."
Cithco calmly says, "If so, then you are a special furless."
Jaelia says, "It is very clear. She is the Immortal that sends us the strongest reassurances that we will win this war."
Jaelia says, "She reminds us to have faith, and not to fear. She sends us signs that she is protecting all of us, not just her Chosen."
Cithco nods.
Jaelia asks, "Although it is very bold of me to ask this, I believe it is time that all give her the honor she deserves, and seek more visions from her. Would your Claw... potentially.... consider an open Vigil or Ceremony for all Races to Honor and Worship her and seek more Guidance from her?"
Kraggur makes a grunting noise.
Cithco calmly says, "She still watches over the lightwalkers."
Cithco calmly says, "We do not worship her with others."
Jaelia asks, "Then, is there someone who would be willing to do this - perhaps another Prydaen Who is not of your Claw, but could lead us in a ceremony to properly worship her?"
Cithco calmly says, "Or rites and passages to between her and the claw."
Jaelia nods.
Cithco calmly says, "Then you would have to find a lightwalker."
Jaelia asks, "Is there one you suggest I look for?"
Cithco calmly says, "I do not know lightwalkers, nor have the inclination for such."
Cithco calmly says, "I will speak with them if it happens."
Siobhannic says, "Perhaps the Elder that came to show us the boulder."
Siobhannic says, "Darkali may know how to contact her."
Jaelia says, "I know your Claw's dedication and devotion to her alone is very hard for many to comprehend, especially since we worship so many Immortals. But it is very important that even the furless, in these times, must give her honor, because of these times, she is a key element that will determine our future."
Jaelia asks, "Thank you for the Name, Darkali Wyndz says?"
Khohan finishes humming a quiet lament. Siobhannic says, "She is Darkensi's daughter."
Siobhannic says, "A very remarkable young woman."
Khohan asks, "Darkenzi from Sorrow's War?"
Khohan ponders.
Siobhannic nods.
Darkskye nods.
Cithco appears to be listening intently for something. Jaelia says, "I will remember this and try to find them. If you could find it within your heart to ask them to maybe....speak with us, I will certainly try to contact her, and if it is Tenemlor's will for us to honor her as all races together, please let her know I am trying to find one to lead this Ceremony. I have been for months."
Jaelia says, "But I want it to be done correctly as to respect the rituals and rites of your Goddess. Because at this moment, she is the Hope of us all."
Cithco gets a grey bloody heart from inside his large sack.
Cithco takes a bite of the heart.
Wyndz edge away from Cithco.
Kraggur blinks.
Kraggur shudders.
Cithco takes a bite of the heart.
Cithco takes a bite of the heart.
Cithco gazes at Wyndz.
Wyndz gaze at Cithco.
Siobhannic says, "He is Eidola Wyndz."
Cithco gets a large jug of murky water from inside his large sack.
Cithco takes a sip of his water.
Cithco puts his water in his large sack.
Wyndz asks Siobhannic, "And he eats raw meat?"
Siobhannic says, "The dead lands were dead. he survived there for 40 years fighting Lyras and her minions."
Darkskye looks at Wyndz and coughs.
Siobhannic says, "All prydaen eat raw meat."
Khohan just nudged Wyndz.
Wyndz shift her weight.
Cithco calmly says, "The meat of the fallen."
Siobhannic pats Wyndz on the back.
Wyndz gaze at Cithco.
Cithco casually observes the area.
Cithco stretches his arms.
Cithco sniffs the air around him.
Cithco searches around for a moment.
Vinjince's group just arrived.
Wyndz asks Cithco, "If the minions of Lyras keep coming, as if endlessly, is there not a way to keep them from crossing the barrier long enough for us to defeat them here?"
Cithco calmly says, "The only way I can see the barrier closing is if those whom substain it are slain."
Kraggur ponders. Siobhannic asks, "How do we identify those substaining it?"
Kraggur asks, "What be ya meanin' by closin'? As in reformin' itself?"
Enwah asks, "Who are they?"
Wyndz gaze at Cithco.
Siobhannic says, "Take it back from lyras and close it to her minions, stop the tide of her undead."
Cithco calmly says, "They are those whom use magics."
Cithco calmly says, "They reside on the other side of the barrier."
Siobhannic asks, "So the minions we see under her that use magic?"
Enwah says, "Hmm."
Cithco calmly says, "We would of attacked them but we were brought to this side too early."
Siobhannic asks, "Who ever goes through to kill them would be trapped there?"
Cithco nods to Siobhannic.
Cithco calmly says, "Only the dead can traverse the barrier now."
Siobhannic says, "I wonder if we might be able to do this with Tiatra's shadowwalkers help."
Khohan asks, "So only something dead could restore order?"
Khohan says, "I think I'm misunderstanding."
Jaelia asks Cithco, "Can I share one of the visions we received from Tenemlor?"
Siobhannic asks, "Can they go past it to the other side still?"
Kraggur ponders.
Cithco calmly asks, "Tiatra?"
Siobhannic nods.
Wyndz says, "If only the dead can cross the barrier to kill those with the magic holding it open..."
Cithco calmly says, "She is as alive as you are."
Cithco nods.
Siobhannic asks, "How then do we kill those substaining the barrier?"
Cithco calmly says, "Speak your vision."
Jaelia says, "I felt as if I was plunged into a deep, cold, unending abyss, the nightmarish nothing spreading out in all directions, void of any life or sound. Despairing, I wandered forward, with nothing to tell me whether I was going the right way. Suddenly, several white claw marks rended the air in front of me, piercing the darkness with a brilliant white light. As I stepped through the rip, gentle hands lifted me up, and a voice spoke softly. "Do not despair, my child. Though the darkness seems hopeless, it will not last forever."
Jaelia says, "I would like... if you are able to share this with your Goddess on my behalf though I know that is a lot to ask - that this Vision has been the most comforting I have received so far in regards to this Evil."
Cithco ponders.
Cithco nods.
Jaelia says, "So many of the other Immortals - none of them send us the Visions of Hope and Protection and Triumph your Goddess sends."
Jaelia says, "This is why I feel it is so important to honor her and seek Visions and Directions from her Directly."
Cithco calmly says, "Tenemlor walks amongst her kits."
Jaelia says, "I believe she is perhaps the key Immortal in this issue. And we must begin to listen to her words and seek her wisdom. All of us."
Jaelia says, "That is why this Ceremony or anything else we can do to continue to receive her wisdom are so critical."
Cithco calmly says, "If you believe in what you see, then do so with full heart."
Cithco nods.
Khohan asks, "Who remains living who created the barrier?"
Cithco calmly says, "It does not matter to me, if they survived, they should of been the first to die in battle with the undead."
Kraggur asks, "Would nae killin' them open the barrier wide ta let everythin' dead on tha other side through though?"
Cithco calmly says, "It is being substained."
A swirling vortex of shadows draws itself from the ground and coalesces into a black Moongate, which yawns open like a hungry maw.
Cithco peers through the Moongate.
Jaelia says, "I hate to speak such words, but Holy Mother Tallis is wrong if she still believes worship of Immortals that fall outside of the Thirteen are wrong. It is time every being opens their hearts and devotion to Tenemlor. Without her, there is no hope. With her, it is certain."
Initiate Warrior Mage Oreag came through a black Moongate.
Cithco draws forth a serrated-edged bastard sword.
Initiate Warrior Mage Oreag just went west.
Cithco grows suddenly quiet, his eyes dangerously calm as his limbs shiver like anxious leaves before summer's fearsome storm. A terrible roar of fury and bloodlust escapes his throat like the first crash of thunder, his body exploding into a berserker rage as his eyes retain an unsettling and deadly calm.
Siobhannic says, "I held Corick's wall against that tide of undead, just four of us did. But we all knew it was only for a time, not all our lives. We knew there would be relief. This will be different. and I have no idea how we would even reach those substaining it if they are on the other side and only the dead can pass."
Jaelia winces. Vinjince says to Cithco, "I don't believe it is a threat."
Siobhannic says, "It goes to lang, but not to where the undead are attacking Lang."
Siobhannic says, "The undead are coming up out of the lake there."
Vinjince says to Cithco, "My name is Vinjince. I've heard a lot about you."
Cithco nods.
Vinjince bows to Cithco.
Cithco gazes at Vinjince.
Kraggur says, "Problem too be a matter o' logistics.... barrier be beyond e'en our knowledge precisely in Forfedhdar... long way ta get provisions 'n men ta places where they ken be a threat ta them on tha other wise."
Cithco calmly says, "Your name has been spoken of by another of the Claw."
Vinjince smiles.
Vinjince says, "I've had the... pleasure of running into a few other members of the Claw."
Vinjince rubs his head. Siobhannic says, "Vinjince is much stronger of a fighter than many of our kin."
Cithco calmly says, "Then some have taken to hear what would come."
Cithco calmly says, "But, it seems others chose to forget."
Cithco calmly says, "And be assimulated into the way of the furless."
Khohan frowns.
Vahlissa stares blankly into the distance.
Vinjince says to Cithco, "I am a member of the Flying Company of these lands. I've been told to speak with Starborn in order to gather some information that we most desperately need."
Cithco gazes off to the north.
Cithco gazes at Vinjince.
Cithco calmly says, "She and Tiatra speak on matters of undeath."
Vinjince nods.
Cithco calmly says, "She will take her place with the deathwalkers as is proper."
Vinjince nods.
Vinjince asks, "I've heard that she has studied Lyras extensively while you were all behind the barrier?"
Cithco calmly says, "That was her place as a death walker."
Jaelia nods.
Cithco calmly says, "She was not to be a direct fighter."
Vinjince nods to Cithco. Cithco calmly says, "In her is the way of Lyras."
Cithco calmly says, "She has surpassed Tiatra in such knowledge."
Vinjince says, "She must be extremely knowledgeable then."
Siobhannic says, "We need to coordinate with what they are doing. I would think, all of us."
Wyndz says, "I'm sure Vinjince knows a great deal more than I."
Cithco calmly says, "Ra'Ulraye'lor has spent decades watching Lyras and her ways."
Siobhannic says, "We need to learn what she has to teach."
Cithco angles his ears forward in curiosity.
Siobhannic asks, "She is currently in shard?"
Vinjince says to Cithco, "I understand that these lands and the people here are quite different than how it was back in our Home."
Siobhannic says, "Ilithi."
Jaelia says, "We are so blessed to have the Claws who have been preparing for this moment for such a long time. You each made great sacrifices. Hopefully it will not just be your kin who recognize what you have done."
Cithco calmly says, "Death Walker is in Ilithi."
Vinjince says, "I would gladly provide any information to you and the entire Claw to the best of my ability if you wish."
Cithco gazes at Jaelia.
Jaelia says, "We thank you."
Cithco calmly says, "We do not seek recognition of anyone, we do not seek anything from those whom walk in the light."
Jaelia says, "I thank you very deeply. Soon, we will all understand better just how much Tenemlor and each of you have done to bring us Victory and return the Lands to your Kin."
Cithco's tail undulates lazily through the air.
Jaelia says, "Just because you do not seek it, does not mean it will go unnoticed."
Cithco sniffs the air around him.
Cithco gazes at a scruffy lynx.
Enwah asks, "Eidola do are Wyndz saysing we should ally with the necromancers?"
Enwah peers quizzically at Cithco.
Siobhannic says, "Razzer this is Slow to Rage. Slow to Rage this is my adoptive father Razzer."
Cithco calmly asks, "And you gained this from what?"
Enwah says, "Well only undead may cross to the other side."
Enwah looks at Cithco and shrugs.
Cithco gazes at Enwah.
Enwah asks, "How should we achieve this without that?"
Cithco calmly says, "I did not say it would be achieved."
Cithco calmly says, "Wyndz asksed how it could be done."
Cithco calmly says, "And I told you."
Enwah asks, "Could it be?"
Razzer says, "Weighty thoughts."
Jaelia says, "The Adan'f in Shard have been saying this for months prior to the Undead Breaching the Barrier."
Cithco appears to be listening intently for something.
Cithco sniffs the air around him.
Enwah asks, "Eidola so if we cant cross without something undead than what do you suppose we do?"
Cithco calmly says, "I do not suggest anything."
Enwah says, "Necromancy seems like the right answer even though i distaste them alot."
Khohan says, "I hate riddles, I'm going to strengthen my sword arm."
Khohan raises his hand in a quick salute.
Cithco calmly says, "To me, that is a problem of the lightwalkers."
Sir Khohan went through the eastern gate.
Siobhannic says, "We need to coorinate with those meeting in shard, and work out the logistics of how we can retake the barrier and seal it so the tide of undead is stopped I think, if we are to stop Lyras."
Cithco calmly says, "To we whom are death walkers, Lyras is our concern."
Kraggur spits on the ground disgustedly.
Vinjince nods.
Cithco calmly says, "Anything less than that is a problem for the lightwalkers."
Siobhannic says, "So if we retake the barrier and hold it you will take care of killing Lyras."
Enwah says, "Yes we do im just curious if necromancy is the best choice of action at this point at time."
Wyndz gaze at Cithco.
Cithco sheathes his bastard sword.
Razzer says, "Has anyone heard from Darkensi, he may have a part to play in this."
Cithco calmly says, "If you practice necromance."
Vinjince says, "I believe we share the same goal... we are different, yes. But we want Lyras to be wiped out completely."
Cithco gazes at Enwah.
Rigek quietly says, "Maybe we could get the warmage guild leader in shard to shove her storm through the breach. That would shake up anything the came near it alive, dead or undead."
Enwah says, "I dont im a barbarian."
Enwah says, "Im thinking logically about all this."
Cithco calmly says, "I will make sure your head will leave your shoulders."
Siobhannic says, "I don't think so Enwah, though the understanding they have of what necromancers are would be key."
Enwah chuckles.
Enwah ducks his head.
Enwah shrugs.
Cithco calmly says, "As I said, the barrier is no concern of mine at this time."
Cithco gazes at Siobhannic.
Jaelia says, "What we should be worried about is keeping our faith and devotion to the Immortals as our true weapons. They will Guide us and give us the answers, but we must let them know we are willing and listening."
Razzer says, "'Ya may be able to cross by fooling the barrier, p'raps by wearing the pelt of an undead creature."
Cithco smiles.
Enwah asks, "Well is there any way to stop the flow of magic from the people who keep the barrier open without killing them?"
You notice as a scruffy lynx sniffs the ground.
Siobhannic says, "I can track my wolf, but I don't think she can cross the barrier."
Enwah says, "Or is that our only option."
Cithco calmly says, "Ghoul-blight is our elementist."
Vinjince asks, "I've heard of that one... loves to burn things?"
Vinjince clucks his tongue and shakes his head.
Cithco nods.
Cithco calmly says, "Fire is her element."
Vinjince says, "Fire has proven to be quite a weapon against Lyras and her minions."
Vinjince nods to Cithco.
Cithco studies the faces around him.
Enwah ponders.
Enwah asks, "Will the barrier fall?"
Cithco calmly says, "Will the moon fall from the heavens."
Cithco calmly says, "That is something I cannot give you."
Rigek says, "One has. Sorta."
Enwah nods.
(Kraggur waves a hand and mutters something about "anything is eventually probable given enough time."
) Sajuta says, "That was not truly a moon, though."
Sajuta glances at Rigek.
Rigek chuckles.
Siobhannic says, "It changed hands, so they are substaining it now. it sounds like i we retake it then it will still be there and who ever retakes it will be trapped on that side."
Cithco sniffs the air around him.
Cithco calmly says, "I have stayed in this ..."
Cithco sniffs the air around him.
Cithco calmly says, "Hub too long."
Siobhannic nods.
Vinjince smiles at Cithco.
Siobhannic says, "I'm reaching the limit o how long I can stay in a town."
Cithco calmly says, "Perhaps we will meet again, or not."
Cithco shrugs.
Siobhannic says, "Be safe everyone."
Vinjince asks, "I hope so. If possible, could you remind Starborn that I wish to meet with her whenever she's available?"
Cithco calmly says, "She will see you if she see's you."
Cithco nods.
Vinjince nods.
Enwah says, "Was nice meeting you Eidola."
Cithco points at Ipkin, ruining his hiding place.
Jaelia says to Cithco, "Thank you for the Blessing your Goddess has given us. May her wisdom walk with all of us in these times."
Cithco calmly says, "I would keep your hands in your own pockets."
Cithco gazes at Ipkin.
Cithco calmly says, "Else I will take you as an enemy."
Ipkin says, "Do as you will."
Shadow Knight Ipkin entered the tower.
Cithco gazes at Enwah.
Cithco calmly says, "You may wish to check to see what you have lost."
Enwah sighs.
Enwah says, "I lost several gold."
Sajuta quietly says to Enwah, "I am sorry the only other of my race to show there face here was him."
Enwah says, "Its fine."
Cithco nods.
Eidola Cithco went through the eastern gate.