Circle of Stones

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The Circle of Stones is where adventurers of all ages who live in Zoluren go to acquire a favor orb. It is a religious site.


The circle not entirely circular, and history is uncertain as to whether it was ORIGINALLY a circle, but people came and moved them to be punks, or if the original crafters of the circle were just really really bad at making circles. Either way, despite its mostly oval appearance, the area still has the aura and feel of a holy location. To the east of the circle is the pathways back to Crossing. To the west is the Siergelde Cliffs, where you'll find Bobcats, Cougars, and Jackals. Luckily, they don't come into the circle because of the heavy traffic by adventurers.


The circle of stones is used for many things. When I was young I witnessed a wedding in the circle. I also heard about some people trying to revive the World Dragon in a cryptic ceremony using hog's blood or something, but by most accounts the people doing it had absolutely no idea what they were doing, and it looked more ridiculous than mystical.

The other use of the circle of stones is to gather favor from the gods so that when you die, you can come back again, because dying sucks.


Upon entering the center of the circle, an adventurer will pray repeatedly, until they hear a voice. The voice will tell them to declare which god they worship. For this question, only one of the thirteen, or their positive or negative aspects (collectively referred to as The Immortals) is an acceptable answer. Other Gods are not valid answers at this location and worshippers of those faiths are callously forced to convert or suffer a lonely walk down a starry road upon their first encounter with death.

After declaring their god, the adventurer will have one of two paths to choose. Both paths contain puzzles that the adventurer must solve to show their faith. One path, however, contains easier puzzles, the other more difficult. These puzzles are left as an exercise to the adventurer, but just know that the gods like clean alters, lit candles, plants that have ready access to fresh air, and other such things.

Once a favor orb is retrieved, the adventurer is expected to sacrifice experience into it and then place it on an altar in the temple.

The circle of stones is located on Map 3, near the Siergelde Cliffs.