Chris' Mass Shop, west (2)

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Chris' Mass, Shop
Event Chris' Mass Festival 418, Chris' Mass Festival 422, Chris' Mass Festival 425, Chris' Mass Festival 429, Chris' Mass Festival 433, Chris' Mass Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Chris' Mass, Shop]
Polished oak walls surround the interior of the warm but small hut. Gusts of snow cling to the frost-covered windows, each one decorated with dark red curtains printed in festive designs. Wares are laid out throughout the floor space, containing a variety of goods for the winter season.
You also see a silver coat rack with several things on it, a wide mahogany table with several things on it and an ice skate stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the silver coat rack
Item Price Done
thick yellow coat overstuffed with warm wool padding 5,000   
knee-length red coat crafted from richly dyed leather 6,250   
soft white winter coat of finely brushed snowbeast fur 8,750   
black winter coat fastened at the front with oversized buttons 5,625   
thick leather coat lined with a layer of down-stuffed cendal 5,000   
dark green winter cloak patterned with a forest of evergreen trees 2,375   
elegant grey damask cloak edged with a thick band of white fur 2,875   
fine woolen cloak of dark blue hues patterned with white snowflakes 2,250   
heavy winter cloak dyed in royal purple hues 3,125   
black winter cloak crafted from thick cashmere 2,500   
On the wide mahogany table
Item Price Done
silvery woolen mittens adorned with a knit purple snow crocus on each wrist 1,187   
orange linen mittens with a single band of black around the wrists 1,000   
green knit mittens patterned with evenly spaced white dots 1,062   
red cotton mittens shot through with threads of gold 1,000   
white woolen mittens stitched with blue and silver snowflakes 937   
silvery woolen cap adorned with a knit purple snow crocus 1,500   
bright orange linen cap with a single band of black around the edge 1,250   
green knit cap patterned with evenly spaced white dots 1,000   
red cotton cap shot through with threads of gold 1,250   
white woolen cap stitched with blue and silver snowflakes 1,187   
On the ice skate stand
Item Price Done
pair of pink ice skates fastened with white laces 1,000   
pair of purple ice skates stenciled with white snowflakes 1,500   
pair of deep red ice skates shaped like twin sleighs 1,375   
pair of dark green ice skates painted with mistletoe leaves 1,125   
pair of dark blue ice skates decorated with silvery glitter 750   
pair of golden ice skates embroidered with a sprig of holly 2,250   
pair of white ice skates with fine brass buckles 1,500   
pair of silver ice skates laced with pure white ribbons 1,875