Chris' Mass Merry Glade

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Chris' Mass Merry Glade
Event Chris' Mass Festival 422, Chris' Mass Festival 425, Chris' Mass Festival 429, Chris' Mass Festival 433, Chris' Mass Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Chris' Mass, Merry Glade]
Several benches line this section of the glade, making a ring around a cheery campfire. Nearby, a large table is spread out with frozen winter treats along with a large carafe of steaming hot chocolate. In contrast to the rest of the area, the ground is relatively free of snow, having melted from the fire's heat.
Obvious paths: northeast, south.

On the large table
Item Price Done
a white platter piled high with fried apple fritters dusted with sugar and cinnamon 0   
a platter of chocolate-covered banana slices 0   
a large bowl filled with blue-tinged square chunks of frostbite fudge 0   
a crystal dish filled with snow pears poached in a delicate sweet white wine sauce 0   
a large frosted glass bowl of cool dusk berry sorbet garnished with sprigs of mint 0   
a frosty dish of lime sherbet garnished with ripe berries 0   
a large dish of delectable cherries jubilee served over vanilla ice-cream 0   
a frost-coated crystal bowl filled with delectable peach icecream topped by sugar sprinkles 0   
a bowl of creamy vanilla frosting sprinkled with chocolate chips 0   
a creamy cheesecake topped with a glazed strawberry sauce 0   
a dish of creamy egg custard with a sticky caramel sauce 0   
a honey creampuff 0   
a rack of rum-glazed chocolate marshmallows on small skewers 0   
a frosty dish of lime sherbert garnished with ripe berries 0   
a steaming carafe of rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream 0