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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime


You see Chileidu, a Human. She has an oval face, tilted dark brown eyes and a hooked nose. Her black hair is long and thick, and is worn arranged in tight dreadlocks. She has dark brown skin and a lean figure.
She is tall for a Human.
She is young.

She is wearing a rawhide necklace sporting numerous badger claws, a charcoal mantle, a divine charm, a spiraling crystal brooch, a green-scaled buckler painted with a raging centaur, a rugged green backpack, a simple cotton shirt, some rugged leathers, some black doeskin gloves, and a pair of felt boots.


Chileidu was born into the Shadow Clan and grew up in the harsh necromantic wasteland of the Dark Hand. In 428 AL she was the sole survivor of a catastrophic foray that resulted in the slaughter of her entire scouting unit. Being near death herself, she credited her survival to the vision of a boar which led her safely through the forest and back to the nearest encampment of her clan. However, the disaster left her with a mangled and poisoned hand that ended her fledgling career as a Ranger. Useless now as a warrior, she was commanded to make the journey to the great Temple of Crossing, in hopes of her one day returning to the Dark Hand as a full-fledged Cleric of Everild.

Finding the world beyond Corik's Wall stranger than anything in the Dark Hand, Chileidu now spends much of her of time in the quiet depths of the Crossing Temple, contemplating the great mysteries of the gods and of mortal existence.