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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Associates: Vorclaf
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Chancellor Charave

Worked for Vorclaf. Judged the Treasonists. May be Therengian.

Midjure speaks, 19 July 2001

Midjure says, "But I will tell you why. He replaced those who had served under Sirolarn so they would not speak out against his ruthless behavior. He removed them to clear his path as he replaced them with his legions of Therengians."

Midjure says, "Yes, Therengians. Tirogren. Quillak. Charave. Renshil. All of these people were completely unknown before Vorclaf came into power, and now they control the Province, forming an alliance with Therengia like none ever seen before."

Midjure says, "These people do not have the interests of Zoluren at heart. They have the interests of the Baron of Therengia at heart, and Vorclaf, long the 'guest' of the Baron, is at the center of the conspiracy to divide the Province, and retire on the benefits."