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Status: Dead
Guild: Paladin
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male

Worked for Zoluren under both Sirolarn and, during the early years of his reign, Vorclaf. Though his title was Questioner, he largely served as a torturer and was, as a result, unpopular with the populace. An angry group, including members of the Treasonists, walked him in retaliation on (July 21 2001).

Renshil had claimed to have been a common gravedigger/mortician before Sirolarn hired him as a Questioner. This claim, however, is odds with the fact that he had sufficient training as a Paladin to cast Banner of Truce.

When Vorclaf took the throne, Renshil maintained his position, though he complained that his "art" was being restricted.

It is rumored that he was from Therengia.