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Aethereal pathways are a Warrior Mage ability that manipulate targeted magic spells in various ways.


PATHWAY LIST - Lists out which Aethereal Pathway abilities you know
PATHWAY FOCUS <pathway> - Starts the pathway ability you specify.
PATHWAY CHECK - Displays which pathway ability you currently have active.
PATHWAY STOP - Ends whichever Pathway ability you may be using.
PATHWAY SENSE - Lets you sense your charge level.

Your ability to manipulate pathways is based on your elemental charge. Similar in concept to a mana pool, your charge drains constantly as long as a pathway is active; thus, you don't want to keep a pathway focused unless you are actually casting spells with it, and should stop the pathway when you take a break from casting.

Before you can manipulate pathways, you must ALIGN to an element and build charge.

Summary of aethereal pathways

Ability Abbreviation Type Skill Element Prereqs Effect
Damage pathway summoning Fire ​4th Circle, Quest Increase damage of TM spells
Perceive pathway summoning Aether ​6th Circle Detects active aethereal pathways in use nearby.
Quickness quick pathway summoning Air ​8th Circle, Quest Reduce spell targeting time
Conserve pathway summoning Fire 10th Circle, Quest Reduces minimum prep of TM spells
Ease pathway summoning Water 12th Circle, Quest Decrease difficulty of TM spells
Power pathway summoning Earth 16th Circle, Quest Cast TM spells as though using more mana
Accuracy pathway summoning Electricity 20th Circle, Quest Increase accuracy of TM spells
Secrecy pathway summoning Water 28th Circle, Quest Improve ability to remain undetected while targeting from stealth
Elemental Barrage barrage pathway summoning Electricity 30th Circle, Quest Cast a TM spell in conjunction with a weapon attack
Precision precise pathway summoning Air 36th Circle, Quest Reduce penalty from finely targeting a body part
Defense defend pathway summoning Earth 44th Circle, Quest Reduces accuracy of incoming TM spells


See Aethereal Pathways (Walkthroughs) for the quest spoilers.

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