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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Elemental Barrage
Abbreviation: BARRAGE
Requirements: 30th Circle, Quest
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: pathway / summoning
Path: Electricity
Description: Barrage links a fully formed target matrix from a spell to a held weapon attack. The spell casts as normal, but the targetting matrix enhances the immediate strike as well as adding some flare for the element that you are aligned.
Effect: Cast a TM spell in conjunction with a weapon attack
Messaging: Not enough charge:

>barrage slice
You are unable to muster the energy to do that.

Paeldryth's Wrath:
>barrage lunge
A quick gust of wind picks up from out of nowhere and quickly swirls about you.
< Moving with incredible power and control, you lunge a short narrow-bladed halberd with a cambrinth-inlaid ironwood shaft at a granite gargoyle. A granite gargoyle fails to evade, failing miserably. The halberd lands a devastating hit that cuts a ragged line across the back.
[You're adeptly balanced and in very strong position.]
[Roundtime 7 sec.]
You gesture at a granite gargoyle.
The winds slam into a granite gargoyle. A granite gargoyle staggers back as far away from you as it can get!
The complementary nature of the spell empowers you.


  • Elemental flare indicates bonus to melee attack was successful.
  • Works with Strange Arrow from the Analogous Patterns Spellbook, and all targetted Warrior Mage spells except Ring of Spears, Chain Lightning, Fire Rain, and Aethrolysis.
  • Requires a fully formed target matrix to activate.
  • Cannot be used while another pathway is active.
  • Barrage uses a fair amount of your elemental charge for pathways. Approximately: A charge dances just below the threshold of discomfort.
  • Attempting to barrage a nonexistant body part maintains the spell but uses up reserve when it fails.
  • The Melee attack portion of barrage will attempt to continue through spelled induced stuns.
Despite wobbling from the stun, your greatsword continues on course.



Attack strings

The string indicating a bonus you see just prior to your attack will vary depending on the element of the spell you are aligned, as follows:

Heatless orange flames climb your scimitar before winking out of existance.
A shimmering silvery-blue glow quickly spreads from your hand to the tip of your scimitar, then quickly fades.
Tiny fingers of lightning course rapidly along your scimitar, disappearing almost immediately.
Pebbles all around your feet jump quickly into the air and hover a moment, before falling back down.
A thin layer of frost quickly forms on your iltesh before just as quickly evaporating.
A quick gust of wind picks up from out of nowhere and quickly swirls about you.

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