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The PATHWAY verb is used to manage a Warrior Mage's Aethereal Pathway abilities.

Notes: If you have not completed any of the Pathway quests, typing in "pathway" will result in the following messaging: "You lack the knowledge needed to focus on the aethereal pathways."


  • LIST - Lists out which Aethereal Pathway abilities you know
  • STOP - Ends whichever Pathway ability you may be using.
  • SENSE - Lets you sense your Manipulative Resolve status. (now Charge Level, but messaging hasn't been updated yet)

Charge levels

You sense nothing out of the ordinary. Only magic could detect the useless trace of <element> still in your system.
A small charge lingers within your body, just above the threshold of perception.
A small charge lingers within your body.
A charge dances through your body.
A charge dances just below the threshold of discomfort.
A charge circulates through your body, causing a low hum to vibrate through your bones.
Elemental essence floats freely within your body, leaving little untouched.
Elemental essence has infused every inch of your body. While you could contain more, you'd do so at the risk of your health.
Extraplanar power crackles within your body, leaving you feeling mildly feverish.
Extraplanar power crackles within your body, leaving you feeling acutely ill.
Your body sings and crackles with a barely contained charge, destroying what little cenesthesia you had left.
You have reached the limits of your body's capacity to store a charge. The laws of the Elemental Plane of Fire scream demands upon your physiology, threatening your life.
  • CHECK - Lets you see which Pathway ability you have active.
  • FOCUS [OPTION] - Activates a specific pathway ability
  • PERCEIVE [OPTION]: Activates a specific Perceive pathway ability.
    • Type PATHWAY PERCEIVE to list Perceive abilities you know.


Focus Damage (Fire): Increases damage from targeted magic.
Focus Quick (Air): Decreases targeting time for spells.
Focus Ease (Water): Reduces the difficulty to cast targeted spells.
Focus Power (Earth): Increases the Potency of spells.
Focus Accuracy (Electricity): Increases the accuracy of targeted magic.
Focus Secrecy (Water): Reduces the chance that your targeting matrix will be spotted.
Focus Conserve (Fire): Decreases minimum mana cost of targeted spells.
Elemental Barrage (Electricity): Simultaneously attack with a melee weapon and a targeted spell.
Perceive Pathway (Aether): Detects aethereal pathways in use nearby.