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Spectacles, Glasses, Eyepieces and Monocles are forms of jewelry that are usually generally, eye or nose worn. Most will break if DROPed.


Most variations will have the following verbs:

  • DROP: You drop your eyewear to the floor.
It shatters into thousands of tiny pieces!
  • LICK (held): You lick the lens of your eyewear.
  • PEER (held): You hold your eyewear at arm's length and peer through the lens.
  • PEER (worn): You peer over the rim of your eyewear.
  • PEER (worn, at person): You peer at <person> over the rim of your eyewear.
  • PEER (worn): You push your eyewear up the bridge of your nose.
  • PULL (worn): You adjust the fit of your eyewear.
  • RUB (held): You gently buff your eyewear.
  • TURN: You turn your eyewear slightly.

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