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Dervish Mastery

Went to learn some Masteries, and to my surprise I was eligible to learn one from the Path of the Predator called Dervish. I only know two skills from that path, Everild's Rage roar, and Eagle form.

All I got when I asked him about it was, Drathrok says, "Whirling blades of death and destruction favor the skilled fighting style of the Dervish." and the mastery cost 1 training session. Apparently at some point I have forgotten how to edit these pages....


PS if anybody has a question about it more, my AIM is HealfdeneDR

Yogi Mastery

I recommend changing the "Effect", based on my experience, from:

"Allows meditating while standing and engaged at range, reduces RT and cost of meditating."


"Allows meditating while standing and while in combat. Reduces the inner fire cost of starting meditations."

1.) You can be at melee, pole, ranged, or out of combat and start a meditation

2.) I saw no reduction in start up round time with any meditation after acquiring Yogi.

3.) Kodius posted the effects of all masteries and did not include reduced RT for Yogi in his description Rhadyn