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Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Budd's Barber Shop (Ranik Map 67e)
Type: shopowner
Relatives: Kriley (brother)

Budd runs Budd's Barber Shop on the New South Bridge arcade in Shard.


Budd the Barber is an Elothean with dark hair and eyes that are almost black. His long, slender, sensitive fingers handle scissors and razor with a deftness that he certainly hopes will become legendary. An aromatic and alcoholic scent of bay rum floats in his wake.

Room Messages

  • Budd asks, "Say, did you hear the one about the S'Kra who lost his tail? It doesn't have a happy ending." He grins.
  • Budd unpacks a crate of tincture jars. He removes a layer of straw and counts the jars in the crate.
  • Budd unpacks a crate of tincture jars. He finds one with a crack in it and tosses it in the trash.
  • Budd unpacks a crate of tincture jars. "Getting harder to find ones of this quality," he says.
  • Examining a razor, Budd says, "Nice razors, these. You can't buy their like anywhere else in the lands."
  • Budd looks in a box. "These molds are hard to find," says.
  • Budd looks in a box. He takes out a candle mold. "Quite flexible," he says, and puts it back in the box.
  • A hirsute Dwarf walks by outside. Budd hurries to the door, sticks his head out and yells, "Hey! Give you an estimate!" But the Dwarf walks on, and Budd returns to his chair.
  • Budd asks, "How about this weather we're having? You might have a long dry spell here, but when it breaks, it rains Prydaens and Rakash!"

Conversation Responses

  • KRILEY: Budd says, "Yes, he's my brother. He's adopted."
  • HAIRCUT or SHAVE: :"Why, heavens, [name], you didn't think I do that myself, did you," Budd asks. "My barber is a genuine artist with hair and beard -- his name is Smivel Woggan, but he's ill today, I'm afraid. Why don't you stop back in a few days?"
  • MERCHANDISE: Budd says with a smile, "Everything I have to sell is right there on the counter. And on the case."
"Oh, and of course the crate and box," he adds.
"Oh! And don't forget the cabinet," he exclaims.