Budd's Barber Shop

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Budd's Barber Shop
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67e
Owner Budd
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Alchemy shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Budd's Barber Shop]
The room looks like Budd is more interested in keeping shop than in chopping locks. It's filled with odds and ends of merchandise: a crate of tincture jars sits next to a box of candle molds beside a wicker case of clippers and crocks. And that's not counting the stuff on the counter or in the cabinet behind it. At least it has the traditional mirror and barber chair. You also see Budd and the street door. Obvious exits: none.

In the crate
Item Price Done
tincture jar 902   !!
In the box
Item Price Done
candle mold 90   !!
On the wicker case
Item Price Done
crock of melted beeswax 451   !!
jug of melted tallow 90   !!
pair of blued-steel clippers 270   !!
enameled black clippers 315   !!
pair of silver-trimmed clippers 451   !!
On the wood counter
Item Price Done
walnut-handled razor 2,976   
irovy-handled razor 4,059   
silver-handled razor 4,510   
brass razor 1,894   
pearl-handled razor 3,517   
horn-handled razor 2,435   
In the glass-front cabinet
Item Price Done
oil 67   
grain alcohol 18   

*Note: This shop is open at night