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Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Gudthar's Tannery (Ranik Map 121)
Type: shopowner

Gudthar owns a Tannery in Boar Clan.


You see a short, stocky Gor'Tog with weathered coppery-green skin with warm, wide-set brown eyes. He wears a fringed suede vest over a stained shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, exposing a faded tattoo of a blazing sun behind a mountain lion crouching on a mountain peak. There is a hint of weariness in his gaze, as though perhaps he'd seen more than his share of life's challenges. Despite it, a flat smile spreads across his round face and he hums with a soft grunting sound as he tends to the shop.


  • Gudthar rubs the back of his neck and leans against the wall with his arms folded.