Baron's Own Militia

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The Baron's Own Militia

The Baron's Own Militia (BOM) is an active, “volunteer” militia dedicated in the defense of the town of Riverhaven, the Zaulfung Stones wildlands, and the Rossman's Landing area. Although not formal in regulations and requirements, it is a recognized military unit sanctioned, and ultimately directed, by Baron Gyfford Theren. Even citizenship is not required, as it is with many units. Any who live near or in Riverhaven and is willing to come to her aid in times of trouble is welcome to add his or her strength to the unit. By decree of the Baron, however, necromancers are not allowed to join the ranks.


The BOM was first organized by Lionjester during the Outcast War to protect Riverhaven and her port. A secondary unit, dedicated to the Zaulfung's safety and security, was the Swamp Shamans, a band of clerics led by Lionjester's brother, Cadderrly, and subsequently joined to the BOM as full members. Shortly after the Outcast War, Harome took over as Commander of the BOM and was succeeded by Worrclan, who was Lieutenant to Harome during the war.

Current Times

Now led with devotion by Commander Worrclan and his officers, the BOM is as strong as ever in its defense of Riverhaven, Zaulfung, and the Rossman's areas. Commander Worrclan leads simply and with authority:

“What is an order? – It is absolute – it is done, and that is that. However, a good soldier knows that finding the best solution to carrying out an order requires a bit of creativity.”

A Sanctioned Therengian Brigade

(Suspended due to inactivity during Baron's audience on 5/23/17)

An oceanic symbol:

A trident piercing thick storm clouds set over an angry ocean; it is tilted high as if raised in victory. Jagged lightning bolts are poised around the dark clouds, set ready to strike the waves below.





Former Members

Commander: Worrclan
Lieutenants: Granyt, Segmere, Faunamae