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[Theren Keep, Dais]

A few steps or so above the polished marble deck, this raised platform nevertheless grants a commanding presence over the great hall. Glowing braziers flank the Baron's throne, infiltrating the chamber with feeble, reddish light and the pungent smell of burning herbs. Gazing downwards, the hall seems barren and quiet despite its restoration, mourning the ancestral knights, ladies, battle songs, and ballads that echoed through the keep so long ago. You also see a stone pedestal with several things on it, a padded ebonwood armchair, a padded ebonwood armchair, a padded ebonwood armchair, a padded ebonwood armchair and a padded ebonwood armchair. Also here: Hodierna's Fist Kaelie, Retired Commander Xixist, Serene Lady Kintalia, War Hawk Ternith, Dervish Ephic who is emanating a bright holy aura, Guardsman Auradric, Divine Fury Felicini, Wildwood Summoner Ronicoregest, Paymaster Raggard, Guard Maesyrra, War Healer Rairken, Fearless Korutu, Macabre Buluc, Klines, Scyte, Court Historian Erieck, Sister Enalen, Monster Elec, Ruea, Treasure Seeker Fariden, Wound Bearer Mijei, Knight Radiant Isharon, Charmer Mystylaine, Grakraw, Master Rehlyn, Healer Cristalyn, Battle Lion Kenamer, Sir Sturm, Lord Chamberlain Isleif, Gar Rae Raenaden Larohald who is sitting, Baron Gyfford who is sitting and Provincial Scribe Nythaniel.

You see Baron Gyfford Theren, a Human Paladin. Curly, ash-blonde hair has been pulled back and tied with gold cord. A few sun-streaked strands that refuse to be tamed, escape to frame his ruggedly handsome face. Deep-set sapphire eyes are flecked with gold, glinting like the reflected rays of a setting sun on a calm blue sea. His chiseled jaw supports a regal nose and generous mouth. He has an athletic build, carrying himself with the confidence of one used to bearing the burdens of a province on his broad shoulders. He is tall for a Human. He is in his prime for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a hammered gold circlet set with a single cabochon bloodgem, a General's badge, a finely woven white stormsilk shirt, a royal blue velvet tunic embroidered with a subtle pattern of entwined lions along the edges, a suit of gold-washed field plate armor, an ornate white gold ring with the Baronial seal of Therengia carved into a massive square cut bloodgem, a double-wrapped black leather sword belt riveted with wrought gold stars and lion head medallions, a black spidersilk hip pouch with a gold knotwork clasp, some black leather pants fastened with gold buckles and some supple black leather riding boots.

Gyfford says, "Rise."

You see Lord Chamberlain Isleif Dunshade, a Human. Isleif has green eyes. His light brown hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has fair skin and a lean build. He is a bit over average height for a Human. He appears to be in his prime. He is clean shaven. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a tailored burgundy velvet doublet with gold-hemmed slashing revealing a ivory linen shirt beneath, a suit of blackened chain mail trimmed with a row of gold links, a thumb ring of hammered gold etched with the seal of Therengia, a glaes signet ring embellished with the crest of House Dunshade, a double-wrapped leather sword belt studded with nightfire opals, a burgundy leather hip pouch with a diamond and opal clasp, some black leather pants and some polished black leather riding boots.

You see Gar Rae Raenaden Larohald Trigomas, a Human Paladin. Gilded in silver, his thick russet hair is kept short in a precision cut. His pale skin remains youthful, despite the creases bestowed by time at each corner of his strict, aquamarine eyes. A slightly crooked aquiline nose, appearing to have been broken more than once, sits above his unsympathetic mouth and strong, angular jaw. Broad shoulders and a stocky build give him the posture of a man who is a force to be reckoned with. He is over average height and venerable for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a finely tailored white silk shirt, some enameled black armor painted with the crest of House Trigomas, some black steel gauntlets with spiked knuckle guards and serrated cuffs, a kertig ring set with a massive cloud ruby, a gold ring bearing the crest of House Trigomas accented with a winter emerald, a belt of carved ivory linked with cabochon emeralds, a polished ebony scabbard inlaid with bands of jade, a black leather hip pouch with a gold and emerald clasp, some forest green doeskin breeches and some rich black riding boots with ornamental spurs.

Gyfford says, "Let us start with my orders and plans for the brigades."

You see Provincial Scribe Nythaniel Kavale of Therengia, a Human. Nythaniel has piercing blue-green eyes and an aquiline nose. His blonde-streaked dark brown hair is long and wavy. He has deeply tanned skin and a brawny build.

He is very tall for a Human. He appears to be an adult. He is clean shaven. He is in good shape. He is holding a sleek ebony writing quill with a gilded nib in his right hand and a gilded leather journal in his left.

He is wearing an oddly-shaped key strung on a golden chain, a polished leather morawen with a damascened greatsword secured to it, a mahogany documents case secured with a brass lock, a leather travel pack, a pristine white cotton shirt with an embroidered grey placket, a golden brocade robe with braided epaulets, some aged leathers embossed across the back with the Therengian provincial crest, a triangular sipar etched with the Therengian provincial crest, a glaes signet ring set with a brilliant Gemfire ruby, a pair of pale grey suede pants and a pair of black suede boots accented with gold buckles at the ankles.

Gyfford says, "For lack of activity the cavalry is suspended."

Gyfford says, "The Barons Own suspended."

Gyfford says, "The Watch reinstated if I can have some assurances of it's ongoing active participation."

Ternith says, "We are active and growing M'lord."

Gyfford says, "For now that leaves the Watch and the two orders."

Gyfford says, "Which brings me to an old and tired topic."

Gyfford says, "Working together."

Gyfford says, "If you cast here I assure you that you will not like the outcome."

Gyfford says, "Back to working together."

Gyfford says, "I have given orders before that the brigades and orders should work together to protect the keep the lands and it's citizens."

Gyfford says, "That has not changed."

Gyfford says, "I do not want to hear of another incident where someone is claiming to have more right."

Gyfford asks, "Am I clear?"

Cristalyn softly says, "Yes M'Lord."

Gyfford says, "Good then I won't have to say it ever again."

Gyfford says, "Ternith."

Ternith asks, "Yes M'Lord?"

Gyfford says, "You want to continue so I am trusting you to do so."

Ternith says, "I will not let you down. Thank you for your mercy."

Gyfford says, "There is now more ground to cover due to the suspensions...see to it."

Gyfford says, "Viggu."

Gyfford says, "It seems that the death of the elpalzi leader has not slowed down Viggus quest to gain power through the stones some how."

Gyfford says, "We need to keep a closer eye on them."

Gyfford says, "And him."

Gyfford says, "I have plans for him but I am still in the discussion stage with the council."

Gyfford says, "There will be more information to follow."

Gyfford says, "I think we have had more than enough of him."

Gyfford says, "I will hear petitions and reports now give your names to my scribe."

Korutu takes a bite of the sandwich.

Larohald says, "I suggest you stop eating."

Larohald smiles.

Larohald says, "Before you get an upset stomach."

Korutu says, "Hearin you talk is pretty upsetting as is maybe you are right."

Korutu nods to Larohald.

Gyfford says, "You may leave."

(Mijei's eyes widen slightly.)

Gyfford says, "Now."

Gyfford says, "Or I wil have you removed."

Dragaus grabs Korutu's arm and drags him down with him.

Gyfford nods.

Gyfford says, "Like that."

Kenamer says to Larohald, "My lord."

Nythaniel says, "Cristalyn of the Theren Guard would like to speak."

Cristalyn softly says, "Your Grace."

Cristalyn softly says, "On the subject of Viggu."

Cristalyn softly says, "I would just like to report that various Guard members have stood guard at the stones."

Cristalyn softly says, "Since the orcs were discovered digging at them."

Cristalyn softly says, "There have been no further events or sightings."

Cristalyn softly says, "And no Viggu sightings either."

Gyfford says, "Perhaps he crawled into the hole and pulled the dirt in after him."

Cristalyn softly says, "That would be pleasurable."

Gyfford says, "But unlikely."

Gyfford says, "Work out a regular but not onerous patrol with the watch."

Cristalyn softly says, "Yes M'Lord."

Gyfford says, "We can't predict what he will do and I don't want you only there if he is attacking elsewhere."

Cristalyn softly asks, "On that subject?"

Cristalyn softly says, "Thank you, Your Grace."

Gyfford says, "Go on."

Cristalyn softly says, "I'm finished."

Gyfford says, "Very well."

Nythaniel says, "Mazrian would like to speak."

Gyfford says, "Very well."

You say, "My Lord."

You say, "During the fight to take Sorrow's Keep, there were many acts of conspicuous and reckless bravery. I would like to commend two of the Paladins here tonight for that."

You say, "Sir Kenamer and Sir Sturm joined a half dozen fighters and myself in fighting up through the Keep. They were the tip of the spear and cover for several combatants who couldn't have survived without their shields. They showed skill and bravery, and upheld the high standards and martial traditions Therengia has been known for."

You say, "I was proud to fight beside them and I'm proud to praise them now."

Gyfford says, "Outstanding."

Gyfford says, "We thank you for telling us."

Sturm says to you, "Thank you Sir."

Gyfford says, "Sirs."

Gyfford says, "I salute you."

Kenamer says to you, "You are far to kind Sir."

Gyfford says, "I shall keep this in mind for the future."

Larohald says, "Well done lads."

Gyfford says, "Thank you Mazrian."

Nythaniel says, "Ruea would like to speak."

Gyfford says, "Very well."

Ruea says, "Thank you for allowing me a moment of your time. It was requested that I read this letter on behalf of Perune, who currently stands watch over the Standing Stones and as such could not attend this evening."

Gyfford says, "Proceed."

Ruea says, "To His Grace, Gyfford Theren, Baron of Therengia:."

Ruea says, "Over the past few years I have had the honor of fighting alongside many of your countrymen while combating the Elpalzi threat to my homeland. Your people have always demonstrated a level of valor and principles that is of the highest standards."

Ruea says, "In more recent months, I have spoken with your advisor Liurilias regarding specific troubles with the Elpalzi, and was always pleasantly surprised by the continuous amount of work he did to find those who could offer Zoluren assistance."

Ruea says, "I would like to thank Hammerfist and Nimthiriel for their kindness to me during my months at the Standing Stones."

Ruea says, "I would also like to thank Somniumvisum, Kenamer and Sturm for reaching out to me and assisting us in our final battle with Alret."

Ruea says, "It is said that the stance a commander s men will adopt is the stance a commander himself takes. There is nowhere this is more true than Therengia."

Ruea says, "I thank you, Your Grace, for fostering a nation with a great sense of responsibility and integrity. A nation that has always been willing to rush forth and help their neighbors, and preserve what is good in our world."

Ruea says, "I wish you and your people the best, for time eternal."

Ruea says, "Signed, Perune Nocarrain. Warrior Mage of Zoluren."

(Ruea concludes her reading, then pauses a moment before folding the letter and placing it back in her purse.)

Ruea says, "I thank you again for your time, and will happily relay any instructions or comments you would wish for him to hear."

Gyfford says, "I can only hope that I can live up to such praise but I know my people do."

Ruea says, "I have no doubt, your Grace."

Gyfford says, "There are no more loyal and brave people on the face of the world."

Gyfford says, "Thank him for his gracious letter."

Ruea says, "As you wish, my lord."

Gyfford says, "And tell him that he is welcome at my court."

Ruea says, "That will please him."

Nythaniel says, "Elec would like to speak, Your Grace."

Gyfford says, "Very well."

Elec says, "Your Grace."

Elec says, "Mine is a simple petition."

Elec says, "I'd really only like for you to entertain building a bridge through Rossmans, in place of the rope that people use now."

Gyfford says, "Ahh."

Gyfford asks, "Do you know why we keep it like that?"

Elec says, "It would still be a viable tactical bottleneck in any sort."

Cristalyn softly asks Elec, "Don' tlike the breeze eh?"

Gyfford says, "A rope can be cut on a moments notice."

Elec says, "It's the time that I mind, not the breeze."

Elec says, "So can a rope bridge."

Gyfford says, "But."

Elec says, "Or perhaps a second rope..."

Gyfford says, "That particular rope is Lord Rossmans."

Gyfford says, "We will see to it that he hears your request."

Elec says, "Hey, if you've got your reasons, it is what it is. I just thought I'd add another voice to the din."

Larohald says, "One usually doesn't adress the baron with ..hey."

Gyfford says, "I can live with the hey."

Gyfford says, "I will speak to Lord Rossman at the next council meeting."

Elec says, "My thanks your Grace."

Gyfford says, "But if possible he is more gruff than my Hand."

Gyfford says, "We will see."

Larohald says, "I am not gruff Lord I'm old."

Larohald says, "And I have little use for bad manners."

Nythaniel says, "Klines would like to speak."

Gyfford says, "Proceed."

Klines says, "Baron, please allow me to start by saying thank you for allowing citizens of other provinces to be in attendance. One thinks that recent times have proven that all citizens of Elanthia must work together to combat the threats that seem to have no end."

Klines asks, "Earlier, you stated that you had plans for Viggu and while I do wish to pry into those plans, I do have a question I feel is of importance. Before Alret fell at the Battle of the Reach, it was known that he colluded to some degree with Viggu. Perune, who's letter you recently heard read, is an associate of mine and one question we have both wondered is who gave information to whom. Do you have any information you are able to share regarding if Viggu told Alret to dig at the Stones or if Alret told Viggu to dig?"

Larohald says, "No we are not privy to who sent the first love note."

Larohald says, "But since Viggu casn't write.."

Larohald says, "One has to wonder who wrote for him."

Klines asks, "Is it agreed it is an important detail? If Viggu told Alret to dig at the Stones, that seems to open up several disquieting possibilities, yeah?"

Larohald says, "Oh yes and who else is in on it."

Larohald says, "He for certain could not send an orc as a messenger."

Larohald says, "So who else..."

Xixist says, "Iazen should be watched."

Larohald says, "These are matters we are discussing in council."

Cristalyn softly asks Xixist, "He was released, aye?"

Klines says to Gyfford, "Thank you for hearing my question."

Xixist says, "All ten."

Nythaniel says, "Kenamer would like to speak, Your Grace."

Gyfford says, "Proceed."

Kenamer says, "Your grace, Since the battle in Sorrow's Keep I have spent much time in the tunnels of Viggu's lair."

Kenamer says, "As well as the Standing stones since the Orc was seen there digging."

Larohald asks, "You can't smell bad things?"

Kenamer says, "I have yet to find any way to penitrate the sealed door there."

Kenamer says to Larohald, "I bring with me laundry clips for my nose my Lord."

Gyfford says, "I have wondered if that door is but a distraction."

Kenamer says, "Still I will venture to discover any secrest that may be found there in the tunnels of his Lair."

Gyfford says, "Who knows the length and depth of his tunnels."

Gyfford says, "Of course, anything we can use to our advantage is welcome."

Kenamer says, "And on the note of the Battle in Sorrow's keep."

Kenamer says, "There was a third Paladin whom started with Sir Sturm and I who I feel diserves note."

Gyfford asks, "Oh yes?"

Kenamer says, "He was seperated from us in the thickest of the fighting in the dungeon of the Keep, he stayed behind to protect those who were battling there and was unable to stay with us as we pushed forward."

Kenamer says, "His staying behind ensured the survival of many who would have otherwise have fallen."

Kenamer says, "His name is Sir Erieck and he deserves as much praise as anyone who fought that day."

Gyfford says, "Ah."

Gyfford says, "Well that statnds to reason."

Erieck says to Kenamer, "Thanks my friend, wasn't really necessary.."

Gyfford says, "Let me say something about Sir Erieck."

Kenamer says to Erieck, "To me it was."

Gyfford says, "One of the longest serving paladins in Therengia."

Gyfford says, "My Court Historian."

Gyfford says, "And now my Vice Advisor for when the advisor is otherwise engaged."

Kenamer asks Gyfford, "May I note one thing to you your grace? about Sir Erieck on that day?"

Erieck says, "I.."

You dryly say to Erieck, "Congradulations, old man. The reward for work well done is always more work."

(Erieck looks a bit like he swallowed his tongue.)

Erieck says to Gyfford, " Lord Baron..thank you, I am honored."

Larohald says, "Ha and I thought I could never retire."

Erieck says, "Shocked...but quite honored.."

Gyfford says, "It is long past due."

Enalen says to Erieck, "Well deserved, Sir."

Isleif says, "Well done sir."

Erieck says, "Thank you my friends.."

Gyfford says, "As I said, I am blessed with people the immortals have given me."

Gyfford says, "And I will note one more thing."

Gyfford says, "Sir Kenamer are on the right path."

Larohald says, "Aye I agree."

Kenamer says, "Thank you my Lord."

Gyfford says, "I have my eye on you sir."

Nythaniel says, "Cristalyn would like to speak again."

Cristalyn softly says, "Yes M'Lord..and I apologize but this just came to light."

Cristalyn softly says, "The Empath Synamon is in your Great Hall."

Dragaus says, "I saw her."

Cristalyn softly says, "She is banned due to past familial affiliations..."

Gyfford says, "Aha."

Cristalyn softly says, "She wishes to speak and be heard for a petition for pardon."

Cristalyn softly says, "If you find it in your mercy to hear her."

Cristalyn softly says, "Oh.."

Cristalyn softly says, "I do not sponsor her..."

Larohald says, "I begin to think she is thicker between the ears than a brick."

Cristalyn softly says, "This word just came through me."

Gyfford says, "She knows mt ruling, every time she violates my ban the length of the ban increases."

Gyfford says, "I will not see her."

Cristalyn softly says, "As you wish, M'Lord."

Gyfford says, "She can leave quietly to avoid arrest."

Gyfford says, "I give her that grace."

Cristalyn softly says, "So relayed M'Lord."

Cristalyn softly says, "My apologies Your Grace."

Gyfford says, "Oh it's fine."

Gyfford says, "You are not her keeper."

Gyfford says, "She knows the rules of this game."

Gyfford says, "If she is not gone by the time we finish here I will have her removed."

Gyfford says, "Also..."

Gyfford says, "If she wishes to ask for my mercy she may send a letter."

Gyfford says, "I will consider it in due course."

Nythaniel says, "Xixist would like to speak, Your Grace."

Gyfford says, "Proceed."

Xixist says, "Your Majesty, I had offered up my weapon for you to command, but alas, I found m'self in Zoluren fighting Alret and his forces. In doing so I created a militia as Zoluren was sorely defended."

Xixist says, "Your Grace, I humbly request that my Therengian duties be forfeit so I may progress in commanding my newest militia, The Wrath of Ulf'hara."

Xixist says, "The Wrath is based in Zoluren but will aid Therengian forces upon a mere request."

Gyfford says, "Very well."

Xixist says, "But first I must request a release of duties as I once promised... If you hold me to my pledge than in Therengia I'll stay. This is a decision for a ruler."

Xixist says, "My militia is youe at a whisper."

Gyfford says, "Our cousin the Prince needs faithful defenders."

Xixist says, "Thank you Your Grace."

Gyfford says, "I grant your request and wish you the best."

Nythaniel asks, "That's all I have, Your Grace....unless I missed someone?"

Gyfford says, "We are done , all may depart with the grace of Chadatru."

Gyfford says, "Except Ternith."

Ternith says, "Very well M'lord."

Gyfford says, "Rise and depart."

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