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Animoni Saltspores
Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Andreshlew
Type: alterer, merchant
Relatives: Ichthyo

Animoni is a Merelew alterer. Ichthyo is her husband. Together, they had a tent called Another Man's Treasure at the Feast of Eluned.


You see Animoni Saltspores, a Merelew.
She has green eyes and a single swath of silver hair that grows from the center of her scalp. It is very long fine hair that is loose and pushed to the left side of her head, and metallic blue scales cover her body from head to toe.

She is holding a sketchbook in her right hand and a piece of charcoal in her left hand.
She is wearing a wedding band carefully crafted of dozens of tiny shells fitted together, some thick-soled walking boots accented with mother-of-pearl buttons, some form-fitting explorer's leggings, a soft watersilk tunic dotted front and back with small pockets and a traveler's knapsack overflowing with various oddities and treasures.